Friday, November 11, 2016

What Violent Racists?

Yeah, I remember after election day 2008 all the Blacks harassing and attacking whites and threatening that President Obama would take them out ... oh, wait.
A University of Louisiana at Lafayette student was allegedly beaten and had her hijab ripped off in broad daylight during a robbery committed by two men, one of whom she said was allegedly wearing a white "Trump" hat, police and university officials told The Advertiser Wednesday.
The unnamed woman said she was attacked while walking around 11 a.m. Wednesday morning, according to the paper. She was allegedly hit with a metal object and knocked down by two men who exited from a silver vehicle.

An officer with the Lafayette Police Department told the Advertiser that the men "were saying ugly stuff to her," but did not tell the paper what was said. Her wallet was stolen.
Kareem Attia, president of the Muslim Student Association at UL-Lafayette, told the Washington Post that the attack has had a profound effect on campus, saying that Muslim students are "very integrated" into the campus, which is two-thirds white.

"No one wants this to happen, and it's hitting home for us," he told The Washington Post in an interview. "The idea that a person in your community could be targeted just for wearing a headscarf, which is part of our religion, it's disgusting. It's very un-American."

The attack happened on the same day that a Muslim student at San Diego State University was allegedly robbed and may have had her car stolen by two men who made comments about Donald Trump and Muslim people, according to the Post report.
Just arrest all the trump voters and deport the motherfuckers to the Philippines, the president of which makes trump seem like jimmy carter.

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