Monday, November 14, 2016

Lynchings Are Starting With Medicare

A number of black freshman and other people affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania were added to GroupMe chat rooms in which anonymous posters published racist messages and graphic images.
The group, called “Mud Men” by its creator, included an event titled “Daily lynching,” racial slurs and images of lynchings, according to Philadelphia Magazine. A statement from the university said the group appeared to be based in Oklahoma.

Another seemingly related chat room to which a number of black students were added, according to the student-run Daily Pennsylvanian, was called “Trump is love” and included images of lynchings, racist messages and a picture of a red hat which read "GRAB THEM BY THE P***Y."

Students at the university gathered in the vice provost of university life's office to discuss the attack and voice concerns about a surge in hate speech over the past week, according to the same report.

“I spent my morning running to the Vice Provost office of my university in the middle of class because my freshmen brothers and sisters got added to a group called ‘Nigger Lynching,’” wrote law student Calvary Rogers on Facebook, according to Metro Philly. “Literally, every single black freshmen was added. I stared an administrator in the eye and literally lost it. And quite honestly I just can't stop crying. I feel sick to my stomach. I don't feel safe.”
But Medicare will be the first to die.

It is a repug and its lips are moving, therefore it is lying.
Ryan went on to say that, “Because of Obamacare, Medicare is going broke.” That is a lie.
Health reform, along with other factors, has significantly improved Medicare’s financial outlook, boosting revenues and making the program more efficient. The HI trust fund is now projected to remain solvent 11 years longer than before the Affordable Care Act was enacted.
In other words, repealing Obamacare would mean that Medicare would become insolvent 11 years earlier than is currently projected by those who manage the Medicare trust fund (here is a link to their latest report). In terms of timing, it is important to note that right now the trust fund projects that Medicare will remain solvent until 2028. If Obamacare is repealed, that happens in 2017. So the plan is to roll back the savings that extended its solvency and simultaneously generate fear that the program needs to either be privatized or begin reducing benefits to current seniors.

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