Thursday, November 10, 2016

Dem Legislators Need to Come Out Fighting

Now we've got an all-trumpian state legislature in Kentucky.  Expect rapid passage of laws making sexual assault and rape legal - for white men - and permitting all kinds of discrimination - by white men against non-white non-men - and barring trans people not just from public restrooms but from all public accommodations because cooties and mandating wage cuts for women who earn more than 50 percent of what any man earns and more.

The Dems should come out firing on Day One.  Not just voting against all the repug abominations, but loudly and proudly filing bills of their own.  No, they'll never get a committee hearing, but they will get screaming demands from nothing-to-lose dems that the bills do get hearings.

Any Democratic legislators out there ready to fight?  Here are some ideas:

- repeal the gay-bashing marriage amendment in the state constitution
- mandatory background checks and seven-day waiting period for gun purchases
- raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour
- establish the "Right to a Union" outlawing any anti-union efforts on the part of any employer
- double the state tax rate from 6 percent to 12 percent on income above $100,000, and halve the state tax rate from 6 percent to 3 percent on income below $50,000.
- Double the corporate tax rate.
- Outlaw contracting of any state or local public service.  Fund the hiring of thousands of state employees instead.
- mandate unisex restrooms in all schools and public buildings
- build and staff state-supported abortion clinics in each and every one of Kentucky's 120 counties. Free, no-cost, no-waiting, no-questions asked abortions.
Bury the motherfuckers in bills that showcase what Democratic leadership really means.
Rip the fucking envelope to shreds and scream bloody murder.

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