Monday, May 20, 2019

Just the Facts, Ma'am

One:  Nothing inside a woman's body that is not outside that body and breathing air is a baby, a child, an infant, a precious life, an unborn fucking anything.

Two:  It's a clump of cells, a fetus, a tumor, and none of your fucking business.

Three: Until a single legislative body in the United States of America passes a single fucking law regulating anything a man does with his own body, no legislative body in the United States of America has any right to pass a single fucking law regulating anything a woman does with her own body.

Four:  It is none of your fucking business.

Five: Abortion is a simple, safe, effective medical procedure, and none of your fucking business.

Six: Abortion. On. Demand.  Free of Charge. No Questions Asked.  No Requirements. Available to Everyone, 24-7, on Every Fucking Street Corner in America.

Seven: Because it is None of Your Fucking Business.

Eight: Questioning, much less challenging, the above facts, should result in felony charges of Violating Civil Rights, International Human Rights Violations and Felony Conspiracy to Enslave Female Citizens.

Nine:  Attempts to restrict a woman's bodily autonomy have nothing to do with pregnancy, abortion, childbirth, babies, children, or morality.  They are about denying civil and human rights to women.  They are about restricting civil and human rights to white, straight, xian, rich, conservative, repug  men.

Ten: The rest of us are subhuman, fit only for slavery.

Disagree?  Fuck off and die in a fire.

Still think making abortions illegal will lead to a child-happy paradise?  Yeah, you're a moron.

Who Gets Real Rights

Wonkette commenter divegirl:


Sunday, May 19, 2019

Support the Black Women Who Are Protecting Abortion

Everywhere you look for the Real Resistance, the fight on the ground to protect women's reproductive rights, Black Women are in the vanguard.  It's way past time white women stepped the fuck up and supported them in the best way white women can: with MONEY.

Crooks and Liars:

Winstead is co-creator of The Daily Show, and (to me) even more importantly, is founder of Lady Parts Justice League. As the sole white woman on Joy's panel discussion of the simultaneously psychotic and pathetic Republican march towards eliminating the protections of Roe v. Wade, Winstead offered the following advice to people wondering how they can help.
I've been to every single one of these [states,] I've been to Alabama four times, Georgia twice, Mississippi five times, Kentucky twice. the activists on the ground, and this is super important to realize, is that the activists on the ground are doing incredible work and a lot of this work legislatively, the abortion funds helping poor women are run by tremendously bad-@ss, if I can, women of color. So when these things happen, when people are like, "What can I do, what can I do?" the first thing you can do is just Google that state and find out where their abortion fund is, find out where those reproductive justice organizations are on the ground and donate to them first. Support them first.
Do we hear that, white ladies? Black women are already ON THIS. They have already mobilized, and have been for YEARS. Because white people did this to Black women FIRST. We have been for centuries. Name me a moment - just a MOMENT in American history when Black women had total control over their reproductive lives. I'll wait. (No, I won't — I have things to do.) White women are so blown away by the Handmaid's Tale, and meanwhile Black women are saying, "We've been living this for centuries."

Mad Dogs

Charlie Pierce:

If a Democrat is elected in 2020, that person should use all the powers of the office to demonstrate once and for all that the prion disease afflicting the Republicans now has reached terminal stage and that the GOP is a mad dog, snapping at phantoms in midair, and endangering the public health and welfare. Mitch McConnell should be made an object of anger and ridicule, and that work should come from the top. The mad dog is at the door.

Vote Supid Home

From divegirl at Wonkette:


Saturday, May 18, 2019

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Always Bet on the Long Shot

'Cause it's more fun anyway and sometimes you win.

Country House's win in the 2019 Kentucky Derby will be remembered throughout history for a number of reasons.

The first thing people will talk about is the finish. Maximum Security was declared the winner initially, but Country House eventually was named the victor after an objection led to a disqualification.

But people will also remember Country House's long odds. The Bill Mott-trained colt was a 65-1 long shot at post time, among the longest odds in the race.
And in the immortal words of a soaked Infield attendee, "It's not a real Derby unless it rains."

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Good News!

Boston's Satanic Temple has been granted tax-exempt status by the IRS. The group says it will now launch legal battles against religious discrimination and pursue faith-based government grants, as well as access to public spaces used by other religions. HAIL SATAN!
The "religious freedom" sword cuts both ways, motherfuckers.  This is gonna be good.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

In Asshole Derby, Bevin Laps the Field

National news outlets were fighting for comments, but nobody in Kentucky was surprised.

Joe Gerth at the Courier:

Matt Bevin doesn’t think like you or me.

After an incident like the one Thursday at the Louisville Rotary Club, one has to wonder if he thinks at all.

During his speech, Bevin went on the attack against teachers who called in sick to protest changes to their pension plans. Jefferson County Public Schools had to shut down six days over a two-week span because of the absences.

"One thing you almost didn't hear anything about while we had people pretending to be sick when they weren't sick and leaving kids unattended to or in situations that they should not have been in — a little girl was shot, 7 years old, by another kid," he said.

He was apparently talking about a girl who was shot by her brother who somehow got his hands on a loaded gun while their uncle, who was supposed to be watching them, was outside. 

He was blaming teachers for the girl getting shot. 

Then, after the Rotary Club meeting ended, he blamed journalists for having reported the utter hogwash he had uttered moments before. 
Yeah, the Pumpkin Traitor bettter up his asshole game.  Gov. I Got Mine Fuck You is coming for him.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

I Stand With Ilhan

Via Pharyngula.  Pass it on.
Ibram X. Kendi
It goes without saying that #IStandWithIlhanOmar. And anyone who does not stands with Congresswoman Omar stands with Islamophobia, with racism, with politicians deploying lies to inflame racial and religious terror in the country. There is no middle ground in the struggle against bigotry. The sideline is behind the lines of bigots. The bigots have cast themselves as striving against bigotry, while they have cast those striving against bigotry as the bigots. The bigots have cast themselves as the victims and cast the victims as the bigots. But nothing new there: that is the history of bigotry. Congresswoman Omar is not perfect. I’m not. I’ve expressed bigotry. Confessed my mistakes. None of us are perfect. But many of us act as if we are. What are we striving against, and for? Her record makes clear she is striving against bigotry, striving for a world of equity. Finally, it is a fact that Congresswoman Omar was not talking about 9/11 in the way Trump cast her. But bigots hate the truth as much as they hate people.