Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Governor: No Special Session for Davis; Do Your Damn Job

Steve Beshear leaves office on December 14, and Kentuckians will be at the mercy of either repug freakazoid Matt Bevin or DINO Jack Conway.
The General Assembly convenes in January and will ignore every pressing issue including the biennial budget until it considers the probable hundreds of bills giving freakazoid, homophobic county clerks get-out-of-doing-your-job-while-still-getting-paid cards.
Bills that Bevin will sign out of freakazoid ecstasy and Conway will sign out of DINO fear. 

The Supreme Court and U.S. Constitution be damned.
From Governor Beshear:
“There are obviously strong feelings on both sides of this issue, but the United States Supreme Court has spoken and same-sex marriage is now legal in Kentucky and the rest of the United States. Regardless of whatever their personal feelings might be, 117 of our 120 county clerks are following the law and carrying out their duty to issue marriage licenses regardless of gender. Same-sex couples are now being married in Kentucky and such marriages from other states are now being recognized under Kentucky law.

The future of the Rowan County Clerk is now in the hands of the courts. The legislature has placed the authority to issue marriage licenses squarely on county clerks by statute, and I have no legal authority to relieve her of her statutory duty by executive order or to remove her from office.

The General Assembly will convene in four months and can make any statutory changes it deems necessary at that time. I see no need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayers’ money calling a special session of the General Assembly when 117 of 120 county clerks are doing their jobs.” – Gov. Steve Beshear

Some Questions Judge Bunning Should Ask Kim Davis

After, of course, he asks her whether she packed a toothbrush for her extended stay in Stripe City.

John Cheves at the Herald:

A federal judge has ordered Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis and her deputies to appear in his courtroom Thursday and explain why Davis should not be held in contempt of court for refusing to issue marriage licenses.

Shortly after opening her doors Tuesday, Davis told two same-sex couples who asked for marriage licenses that she would not issue them, despite a federal court injunction ordering her to do so.

[Rowan clerk, once a local fixture, becomes a national symbol]

[Gay activists: Defiance of same-sex court ruling nationwide 'sure ain't much']

In a brief but tense encounter between Davis and a couple dozen marriage-equality demonstrators who crowded into her office, the clerk repeatedly refused to comply with the court order.
She told the couples she was acting under "god's authority."
Really? You got that in writing?  Signed and notorized?

Because exactly what your invisible sky wizard authorizes according to the tenets of  "apostolic christianity" sure ain't exactly clear.

Conveniently, the pentacostalism - a really whacko version of freakazoid xianism - you profess doesn't specify doctrine, allowing each "church" to set its own rules.

We already know that Kimmie's "church" hates the living fuck out of people who don't do straight sex.  Here's what I'd like to know:
  • Kimmie's 57 years old.  Is she still menstruating?  If not, is she have sex with her husband? If so, that's as non-procreative as anything gay couples do.   Does her "church" allow non-procreative sex?
  • If she claims she fucks her husband because she thinks there's chance her invisible friend could bless her, like Sarah, with a late-life pregnancy, has she ever had sex that was not penis-in-vagina? Oral sex? Manual sex? Anal sex? Non-procreative all.
  • What exactly does she buy with the $80,000 in taxpayer money she is getting for not doing her fucking job? How much does she tithe?  Is she on Ashley Madison?
And the one question Judge Bunning will definitely ask, if not in these precise words:
  •  Just who the fuck do you think you are?

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Kimmie's Going to Jail: Supremes Deny Appeal

Of course she's still refusing to do her job.  As I keep saying, she's a vicious, hateful freakazoid piece of shit.

John Cheves at the Herald:

If anyone asks Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis for a marriage license Tuesday — and a number of couples are expected to, with news cameras following — she must comply or risk fines, or potentially even jail time.

Late Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court denied Davis' request for a stay in the preliminary injunction that U.S. District Judge David Bunning handed down two weeks ago, ordering Davis to resume issuing licenses despite her religious opposition to same-sex marriage.

Davis, an Apostolic Christian, has refused to issue any marriage licenses since the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in June.

A temporary stay in Bunning's order, which the judge agreed to while Davis appealed, expired Monday. Davis' previous request for a delay was denied last week by the 6th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals. Her next request, made Friday, went to Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, who oversees Kentucky and the rest of the 6th Circuit. Kagan referred the request to the full court, which denied it Monday.

Having reached the end of the road, legally, Davis could face contempt charges if she disobeys Bunning's order.

Simultaneously, Attorney General Jack Conway is weighing a request from Rowan County Attorney Cecil Watkins, who wants a special prosecutor appointed to decide if Davis should be charged with official misconduct for failing to perform her public duties. The offense is a misdemeanor that could bring up to a year in jail, apart from any contempt charges.

Some of Davis' supporters, who gathered outside the Rowan County courthouse Monday to sing hymns, said the clerk would neither obey the court order nor resign her job. Davis, a Democrat, began a four-year term in January.

"Kim Davis is not gonna back down. If she has to go to jail, then she will," said Randy Smith, a local minister. "As she has told me, this is about heaven and hell for her. The only thing she knows to do now is follow the word of God."
But she already fucked that up by issuing a marriage license to a couple one of whom is a transgender man.  Any invisible sky wizard who judges people based on how much they deny human rights to human beings has already marked Kimmie for the eternal lake of fire and constant ass-rape by laughing, barbed-dick demons.

Mark my words:  when it gets to the point that she has to resign or pay fines/go to jail, she'll resign.  All freakazoids, like all bullies, are fundamentally cowards.

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Monday, August 31, 2015

What Black Lives Matter Wants Would Improve Life for Everyone

And it's no surprise.  The history of America is the history of protesters and dissenters demanding "radical" changes that turn out to be exactly what the nation needed.
Welcome to that club, Black Lives Matter.
A few weeks ago, after the disruption at Netroots Nation, I wondered aloud what the Black Lives Matter movement actually wanted. What were their demands? What did they want from candidates for president? I found a list of items on their website, but they were vague enough and broad enough to keep me a little puzzled. What sort of concrete initiatives were they interested in?

I'm happy to see that they've now come up with exactly what everyone's been asking for. It's called Campaign Zero, and it even comes with its own nifty graphic:
Some of these are easy: police body cams, for example, have become widely supported on both right and left, and by both activists and police. Others are a little harder: independent investigations of police shootings and better representation of minorities on police forces aren't universally supported, but they do have fairly wide backing already. And some are more difficult: it will be tough to wean police forces off their up-armored humvees and challenging to end the vogue for broken-windows policing.

That said, these are all specific and achievable goals. They even have a fact sheet here that tracks some of the presidential candidates and where they stand on each issue. Ironically, Bernie Sanders has positions that at least partly address eight of the ten items—more than anyone else. Martin O'Malley has seven and Hillary Clinton has two so far.

This is good stuff. BLM won't get everything it wants—nobody ever does—but Campaign Zero should allow them to avoid the fate of Occupy Wall Street, which generated a ton of passion but never really offered any place to channel it. BLM has now done both, and has a good shot at making their issues important ones during the upcoming presidential campaign.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

QOTD: Evangelicals

Steve M:

But don't evangelicals care about God and faith? I'm not sure white right-wing Evangelicals in America really do care all that much. For many of them, Christianity is mostly a club they use to beat Godless liberals, the less fortunate, and non-Christians. What the faith seems to affirm for them more than anything else is the sense that humanity is divided into the good and the purely evil, and life's main task is to sort everyone into these two categories, and render appropriate punishments on the latter. This worldview isn't limited to God's judgment in the afterlife -- it extends to life on earth, which is why right-wing Evangelicals despise government efforts to aid anyone other than themselves and their kind (the "deserving").

So, in a way, Trump is embodying religion as they understand it when he threatens to round up and wall out immigrants, or bomb Muslims and seize Middle Eastern oil. He's taking things from the undeserving and giving them to the deserving. Isn't that what Christian conservatives think Jesus wants?

Personal Responsibility

Speaking of people who use religion as an excuse to refuse to do their job if it they can't deny human rights to human beings ....

When religion occurs in an individual without external ethical and philosophical checks to hold back the darker and more dangerous, more lethal aspects of a religion, it gives them a justification and a reason to indulge every atavistic, harsh, tribal, patronizing, judgmental, hateful, bigoted, self-righteous or murderous impulse they’re carrying around as evolutionary luggage. 
And it gives them a great reason to ignore the consequences: This Is What God Wants. The next life is more important, anyway. This world of dust is mere illusion.
Religion doesn’t necessarily make a good person any more good, but it can make a dangerous person a lot more dangerous, simply by obviating (rather than counteracting) personal responsibility.

Freakazoid Clerk Got Pwnd by Trans Man; Kimmie Going to Hell Now

I wonder why babby jeebus didn't give Davis a heads-up that the man and woman getting a marriage license did not have the proper collection of genitals between them.

From the AP:

A few dozen people showed up on Saturday to protest Davis' ongoing refusal to issue marriage licenses. They included a couple who said they are a woman and transgender man who got their marriage license from Davis in February.

Protester Mary Hargis told the crowd Camryn and Lexie Colen had been reluctant to come forward but decided to do so to help the cause. The couple did not tell Davis that one of them was transgender when they went to request a license, Hargis said.

"She just saw a straight couple in love," Camryn Colen told the crowd, picking up the story. "She should see everybody like that."
No, her job is not to see a straight couple in love.  Her job is to see two adult human beings purchasing a service which she is duty bound and Constitutionally required to provide.

In other news, a jesus Davis obviously doesn't know fires her ass.

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An Honest Messenger

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Buying Off the Freakazoids

It had nothing to do with public pressure or sudden attacks of conscience.  It had to do with potentially losing a billionaire alum's big annual donations.

Think Progress:

Alumni also spoke out, including Columbia Sportswear CEO Tim Boyle, who is a “major donor” to St. Mary’s and whose wife is a graduate. Boyle issued a statement on Wednesday saying he was ”extremely disappointed” with the school’s decision to let Brown go.

“The news this week is an example of how to not prepare students,” Boyle told OregonLive. “There is no place in the workplace of today, or of the future, for discriminating against an individual based on sexual orientation.”

But on Wednesday evening, school officials abruptly switched their stance, announcing on Facebook that they had voted unanimously to alter the school’s hiring policies to allow for LGBT employees.
Freakazoids are greedy pieces of shit and always have been.  The only trick is negotiating the price.

I'm gonna guess that trailer-trash county clerk Kim Davis could be persuaded to don rainbow threads for the price of a new double-wide. 

Friday, August 28, 2015

Can't Pay Them Enough

You're old and decrepit, but you're not ready to die.  You can still see and hear and think and enjoy your grandchildren, but you can't walk.  You need help bathing and using the toilet and sometimes someone has to clean you up after an accident.

Just how much money do you think your adult children should have to pay a home health care worker per hour to do that work for you in a way that is compassionate and gentle and caring, instead of painful and disrespectful and humiliating?

Every penny the ungrateful fuckers can scrape up, times 10.

A federal appeals court has reinstated a rule change that is meant to provide home care workers minimum wage and overtime protections.

In 2013, the Department of Labor (DOL) announced that it would make changes to the Fair Labor Standards Act so that this workforce, who care for the elderly and disabled in their homes, would be guaranteed the same labor protections as all other workers. But U.S. District Judge Richard Leon issued a decision vacating the change in January, saying the DOL doesn’t have authority to redefine the loophole it was trying to close, known as the companionship exemption.

The court in Washington ruled Friday that the department does in fact have that authority. “The Department’s decision to extend the FLSA’s protections to those employees is grounded in a reasonable interpretation of the statute and is neither arbitrary nor capricious,” Judge Sri Srinivasan wrote on behalf of the court.

While there are still potential legal hurdles that the rule change could face, most will likely take the district court’s decision to mean that home care workers have new rights. “States would be well advised, and employers would be well advised, to take this decision as final and begin acting,” Christine L. Owens, executive director of the National Employment Law Project, told ThinkProgress. While the DOL had originally held off on enforcing the rule for six months while the challenge wound its way through the courts, that time has lapsed. “I can’t speak for the DOL, but my assumption is that it believes it has authority to begin enforcement now that this decision has been reversed in district court.”

This workforce, which is 90 percent female and half people of color, hasn’t been eligible for minimum wage or overtime pay since 1974, when they fell under the companionship exemption given the idea that they merely provided company to their clients. So while their average wages come to $9.61 an hour, nearly a third of those surveyed in New York City made less than $15,000 a year and nearly 40 percent of the entire workforce has to rely on public benefits to get by.

The low pay has prompted these workers to join the fight to be paid at least $15 an hour, and they have already secured the first victory: home care workers in Massachusetts who are members of 1199SEIU reached an agreement with the governor to be paid at least that much.

Home care workers are in a huge and rapidly expanding industry. Nearly 2.5 million people are employed in this line of work, making it one of the largest occupations, and the number of jobs is expected to grow 70 percent by 2020. Even so, demand is expected to outpace supply over the next decade as the country ages, something that could be eased with higher pay and benefits.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Farm Bureau Stormtroopers Arrest, Manhandle Silent Protesters

Well, what else would you expect from the assholes who deny human rights to anyone who is not white, straight, rich, xian, repug and male?

In a surprise development this morning, Chris Hartman, of the Fairness Campaign, and two others were arrested at the breakfast for protesting what they consider to be discriminatory policies. Here's a photo from the C-J's Pat McDonogh:

Chris Hartman of the Fairness Campaign was removed by two Kentucky State troopers from the Kentucky Farm Bureau ham breakfast, at the state fair. Hartman and others were there to protest the Kentucky Farm Bureau's practices which the protesters consider to by anti-LGBT, anti-teacher, anti-choice and pro-death penalty. Aug. 27, 2015. (Photo: By Pat McDonogh, The Courier-Jou)
Surprise development, my ass.  The Fairness Campaign sent out a press release yesterday, and the Farm Bureau had its stormtroopers ready.

According to witnesses, all Hartman, Carla Wallace and one other who was arrested did was stand up at their table.  The hateful, vicious motherfuckers of the Farm Bureau had their pet stormtroopers there to abuse and arrest anyone who dared to call out the KFB for its anti-American policies and stealing secret fees from its policyholders.

Shame on Kentucky State Police and shame on Governor Beshear, Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Jack Conway and every other Democratic politician there who stood by while the KFB and the KSP blatantly violated the First and Fourth Amendment rights of Kentucky citizens and taxpayers.

How bad is the Kentucky Farm Bureau?  This bad:

 KY Farm Bureau Policies & 2015 Policy Book Page Numbers
  • The institution of marriage should only be recognized as the legal union of a man and a woman. (p.13)
  • We are opposed to any state-supported agency providing benefits to “domestic” partners. (p.14)
  • We strongly believe in the value of all individuals both born and unborn. (p.14)
  • We strongly oppose teacher strikes. We oppose legislation that mandates collective bargaining for public school employees. (p.61)
  • Alternative lifestyles should not be taught in public schools. (p.61)
  • We support the enactment of right-to-work legislation. (p. 75)
  • We recommend the federal prevailing wage law be repealed when dealing with government contracts. (p.76)
  • We oppose an increase in the minimum hourly wage. (p.76)
  • We strongly oppose any mandate that would require any government entities to recognize and collectively bargain with employee unions. (p.76)
  • Furthermore, we oppose public employees being permitted to strike, organize work stoppage or slow-downs. (p.76)
  • We oppose unionization of farmers and farm laborers. (p.76)
  • We support capital punishment. (p.88)
What makes it exponentially worse is that Farm Bureau policy holders are charged a fee that goes directly to the Farm Bureau's political arm to lobby for these hateful, inhumane and un-American policies.

And no, you can't just change insurance companies.  If you live in most rural areas in Kentucky, the Farm Bureau is your ONLY insurance company.  No other company will cover your house and farm.  I lived five minutes from an Interstate Highway and 30 minutes from the State Capitol and I had to take the shit the Farm Bureau shoved out because there were no fire hydrants on my road.

$2 Million Taxpayer Bucks and Counting to Defend Criminal Freakazoids

UPDATE, 2:40 p.m.: Of course she's defying the order.  She's a filthy, hate-filled freakazoid bitch, and that's what filthy, hate-filled freakazoid bitches do.

So the Sixth Circuit, having been slapped down on human rights by the Supreme Court, is passing the slapping on down to vicious, hateful freakazoid bigot Kim Davis.

Who will, of course, appeal to the Supreme Court, costing the Kentucky taxpayers yet more millions of dollars.

Because Davis is claiming she is a state official and therefore her legal fees should be paid by the state. That is, me and four million of my fellow victims of this crap xian piece of shit.

Meanwhile, a much better case is being made by the ACLU of Kentucky for the state's taxpayers to cover the legal costs of the ACLU having to fight Governor Beshear through the Supreme Court over his refusal to extend human rights to human beings.  That's $2 million that should have to come out of Beshear's plenty deep personal pockets.

The rumor is that Beshear "fell on his sword" by fighting the gay marriage case in order to protect Attorney General Jack Conway in his race for Governor.  Apparently, some idiot at the Kentucky Democratic Party thought this little ploy would let Conway attract the gay vote (and campaign bucks) and avoid the freakazoid attack.

In 10 weeks, Conway's gonna lose that race by 30 points.  What exactly will this stupid, expensive, counter-productive fight over extending human rights to human beings have accomplished?