Monday, July 16, 2018

What is "exhibiting characteristics of an armed person" and why is it punishable by death?

Easy answer, of course: breathing while black in proximity of a cop.

Read Simon Balto at LGM  then read Charles Preston on Twitter.

jesusfuckingchocolatecoveredchristonapogostick, '50s Mississippi wasn't this bad.  Fuck, apartheid south africa wasn't this bad.

But of course neither one of them had the Orange Loser.

Sunday, July 15, 2018


From Down with Tyranny:

But One Country by Chip Proser

This Is Not the Religious Liberty You're Looking For

The freakazoids are going to take this as proof that first, government bureaucrats are out to get them, and second, that the Transportation Cabinet's reversal means that the freakazoids can force everyone else to do what they say.

Both are false.

Of course you can buy a vanity license plate that reads "Pray 4."

No, of course you can not force the state to produce at taxpayers' expense license plates promoting your invisible sky wizard.

Actually, Kentucky should immediately revoke the driver's license of everyone who requests an "in god we trust" license plate.  Why?  Because drivers who put their trust in a mythological being are not putting their trust in speed limits, rules of the road or driving defensively.

The Only Answer is Abortion on Demand

We should have started massive protests back in 1976, when the Hyde Amendment barred using Medicaid funds for abortion.  And ramped them up in 1992, when the Supreme Court told freakazoids they could restrict abortion with bullshit laws.

We should have been screaming then that abortion is a civil and human right and none of your fucking business.

Instead we've treated abortion like a shameful special favor that women get only after abasing themselves and enduring humiliation.

The Orange Loser's Supreme Court nominee is going to kill abortion rights in this country.  Never mind just overturning Roe v. Wade; the anti-abortion motherfuckers are going after contraception, employment, and the right to vote.

Oh, not that explicitly of course. Every small step they make sound sooooo reasonable, until women can't move without permission.

Scott Lemeiux at LGM:

The focus on term limits is a diversionary tactic intended to conceal a pincer movement carefully designed to strangle a woman’s right to choose. On the one hand, the number of weeks a woman has to obtain an abortion gets smaller and smaller; on the other hand, the hurdles for women seeking an abortion in a timely matter grow higher and higher.

This is particularly important because permitting onerous regulations targeted at abortion clinics is one way the Supreme Court can empower states to make abortion inaccessible without immediately and explicitly overruling Roe.
Stop saying OK, just this one little rule, then we can still have some abortions, in some states, for some (rich) women. That's how women are losing everything.

Abortion on Demand!  Free of charge, no questions asked, 24-7 clinics on every street corner.

Don't listen to me; listen to Michelle Wolfe:

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Run, Attica, Run

Yeah, Andy Beshear's a good candidate, and with a teacher as his running mate plus his history of fighting Gov. I Got Mine Fuck You at every turn, he can probably beat him.

But young as he is he's still a representative of the White Guy Caucus that's been running this state for 226 years (Martha Layne Collins was one of them, too.)

How about someone really different?  Someone who has been fighting for progressive Kentucky values her entire adult life? Someone who can light Democrats aflame and get the stay-at-home non-voters out to the polls with a vengeance?

Democrats of Kentucky, I give you Attica Scott.

Democratic state Rep. Attica Scott said Thursday she is leaning toward what would be a historic run for Kentucky governor in 2019 after months of encouragement from supporters.
"I've definitely had a lot of people from across Kentucky, whether rural, urban or suburban and Appalachia, asking me to run and I'm seriously considering it," she said.
Scott, a Louisville Democrat, gained national recognition two years ago for being the first African-American women elected to the state legislature in nearly two decades. That earned her a place among Essence Magazine's "Woke 100 Women" list that featured black women trailblazers in politics, business and entertainment.
In that short period of time Scott has been one of the more outspoken members of the House's minority caucus. Mostly recently she questioned the Kentucky State Police for keeping demonstrators from the Poor People's Campaign out of the Capitol Building.
The attorney general said in an opinion that such an action was illegal.
Scott, who previously served on the Louisville Metro Council, said she would likely announce her gubernatorial campaign intentions after November. She doesn't face a challenger in the general election for her District 41 seat, which stretches from parts of western Louisville into the St. Matthews area.
"If, and when, I decide to run it's going to be a serious campaign based on uplifting the issues that people across Kentucky have said are important to them," Scott said. "And making sure we're building a base of support of people who often feel they're not part of the processes because they're often done by people in the status quo, establishment or their families have been part of politics for decades in Kentucky."
There is going to be a metric fuckton of Democratic candidates in the gubernatorial primary next year, but none of them will look or sound like Attica Scott.

The first time I heard Attica Scott speak, I had just been discussing with several other people the utter dearth of decent Democratic candidates to challenge Bevin. Then she spoke.  And on our feet, cheering, we looked at each other, thinking the same thing.

There she is.

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Candy Barr Cheers Bevin Killing Kyians Just for Being Poor

The only thing you have to know about Candy is that he's a trump-taint-licking repug, and all his fake concern for caged babies on the border can't hide it.

U.S. Rep. Andy Barr said Monday he supports Kentucky's ability to determine who receives Medicaid benefits, a day after the Bevin administration eliminated access to vision and dental coverage for 460,000 Kentuckians on Medicaid.


(Democratic challenger Lt. Col. Amy) McGrath was critical of the Bevin administration's decision to eliminate dental and vision coverage for the 460,000 Medicaid recipients who received coverage when former Gov. Steve Beshear expanded Medicaid eligibility under the federal Affordable Care Act.

"Bevin's obvious goal is to take health care away from Kentuckians," McGrath said. "He tried to do it by instituting his unconstitutional work requirements. When that didn't work, he's just going through with taking health care away any way he can."


Sunday, July 1, 2018

The Message That Beat the Democratic Old Guard

I am sure she would be thrilled if every Democratic candidate in the nation stole and used this whole thing.  Because THIS is how we're going to win.

Down with Tyranny:

Steve M:

Assuming that Ocasio-Cortez wins in November -- which is likely, because it's a solidly Democratic district -- the seriously lefty platform she ran on is now within the Overton window.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Fierce Resistance

I am going to dinner tonight in a deep-red town.  I am wearing my Obama Miss Me Yet? T-shirt. It's not much, especially if no one confronts me about it, but it's something.

Digby, channeling Lincoln in a column from the day after the election:

This is why the right-wingers are so angry. It's not enough for them to win. Those who opposed Trump must stop opposing him. We must agree that Muslims should be banned from entering the country, agree we should torture and kill suspected terrorists and their families, agree immigrants should be rounded up and deported, agree there should be guns in schools, agree women should be punished for having abortions and agree to all the rest of it. Until we stop resisting completely and declare that we are "avowedly with them," they will continue to believe that "all their troubles proceed from us."
That is not going to happen. Trump's forces may have won the election but they have not won the hearts and minds of the American people who didn't vote for him. And they won't. This administration will be met with fierce resistance from millions of people, from the moment Trump takes office until the day he leaves. There will be no appeasing him, and no easing of his followers' guilt for what many of them know in their hearts to be ugly and cruel impulses in consenting to this white nationalist program. It's all on them.

Lincoln had this to say to his fellow Unionists about how to proceed in a situation such as this:

Neither let us be slandered from our duty by false accusations against us, nor frightened from it by menaces of destruction to the Government nor of dungeons to ourselves. 
Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith, let us, to the end, dare to do our duty as we understand it.

Judge snatches thousands of Kentuckians from Bevin's Medicaid Cuts

The trump-taint-lickers on the Supreme Court will throw them back, of course, but for the moment we get to point and laugh at Gov. I Got Mine Fuck You's latest defeat.

From CNN:

A federal judge ruled Friday that Kentucky cannot require certain Medicaid recipients to get jobs or lose their benefits.

In a closely watched case, US District Court Judge James Boasberg voided the federal government's approval of Kentucky's request to implement work requirements and kicked the matter back to the Department of Health & Human Services for further review. 
"...The [Health] Secretary never adequately considered whether Kentucky HEALTH would in fact help the state furnish medical assistance to its citizens, a central objective of Medicaid," Boasberg wrote, referring to Kentucky's Medicaid overhaul. "This signal omission renders his determination arbitrary and capricious."
The decision blocks the state -- at least temporarily -- from moving forward with its plan to launch its Medicaid overhaul on July 1.
Remember, this work rule has nothing to do with making imaginary Medicaid lazy takers go to work.  All non-disabled, adult Medicaid recipients without care duties already work, mostly full-time.  What they don't do is have time to travel to a state office every month and fill out reams of paperwork in what is just another example of the Bevin-trump maladministrations' capricious cruelty. 

Friday, June 29, 2018

Just Do the Right Thing

There's a ridiculous and counter-productive "debate" going on right now about how Democrats should handle the nomination of a face-eating leopard to the Supreme Court.

Should Democrats fight like rabid ferrets in a losing cause in order to inspire Democratic voters for the November elections?

Or should they surrender in order to protect red-state Democratic Senators up for re-election?

Or maybe put up a token resistance that won't anger repug voters and drive them to the polls?

When the likely electoral consequences of such what-if game-playing are not clear and obvious, stop playing games.  Just. Do. The. Right. Thing.

The Right Thing is to loudly condemn any nominee who is not Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton or Gov. Steve Beshear.

The Right Thing is to vote against the Orange Loser's nominee and discourage any Democratic Senator from doing otherwise.

The Right Thing is to speak clearly, loudly and often about the catastrophe the Orange Loser's nominee will bring down on this country.

Do the right thing, and let the chips fall where they may.

Wrong Kentuckian for Supreme Court

A group opposed to President Donald Trump's judicial picks is taking aim at a Kentucky judge who has made the president's short list of potential Supreme Court justices.

Demand Justice has rolled out an ad that seeks to paint Amul Thapar, who was confirmed last year to a seat on the federal appeals bench, as a friend of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and a "far right" judge who authored a court decision that would allow wealthy donors to influence elections.
Yeah, he's a typical Trump-taint-licking motherfucker.

There's one Kentucky lawyer with the kind of boots-on-the-ground political experience that a court full of appellate judges who have never had to solve real-life problems desperately needs: Governor Steven L. Beshear.

Because if we're serious about Resisting, if we're going to stand our ground and fight everything this fascist un-government tries, if we're going to rally the voters we need to take back the Congress - and the state legislature! - in November, then we have to spit right in their faces with what WE want.

And we want Steve Beshear on the Supreme Court.

Who from your state do you want on the Supreme Court?