Sunday, October 4, 2015

America: The Exceptionally Immature Nation

Maybe that's why repugs are so hysterically frantic about bombing everybody everywhere forever: they are trying desperately to compensate for their infantile attachment to guns.

When the world's other frontier nation calls you a bunch of muzzle-sucking babies, it's time to grow up.

Think Progress:

In 1996, a gunman opened fire at a popular tourist destination on the Australian island of Tasmania. Using a semiautomatic rifle, he killed 35 people.

Australia responded by reforming their gun laws. High powered rifles and shotguns were banned and uniform gun licensing requirements were imposed for the guns that remained legal. The country also implemented a buyback program which resulted in the destruction of more than a million firearms.

In the last 19 years, there have been no mass shootings in Australia, defined as five or more people being shot.

The effort in Australia was not particuarly partisan. It was led by John Howard, Australia’s very conservative Prime Minister. Rather, the gun control measures were seen as a matter of basic humanity and common sense.


After a string of gun massacres over the last 3 years that have left hundreds dead and thousands injured, the United States has had a much different response. America has done nothing.

In the wake of Oregon mass murder, Australians are disgusted and perplexed by the American response.

Writing in the Sydney Morning Herald, Michael Pascoe blasted American society as immature and unable to take basic actions to save lives:
In his very fine speech this morning, full of sorrow and frustration, President Obama made a mistake: Australia is not like the United States. We decided not to be.
We decided to grow up instead and become a more reasonable, rational society that explicitly values human life and prefers to think the best of people, rather than the worst.
The US is too immature a society to be allowed to play with guns. It has never shed its Wild West mythology. Americans still use their courts to kill people, which sends a message in its own way… It’s a country that values property more than life.
An editorial in Brisbane Times castigates America’s inaction on guns:
At Oregon last week, four guns were recovered – three pistols and a semi-automatic rifle. Did Mercer have the right to bear those arms? Yes, he did. From that question and answer flows the grim crimson tide. And from that flows, as always, the arrant nonsense from the NRA, and those of like mind, that guns are good, that guns are not the problem, that the president is politicising the issue. He should be, indeed he has been, with limited success. However, such is the web of lobbying, money, political support and sway, interconnected with the myriad legal jurisdictions, that we despair of seeing radical progress.
Yet we must condemn. America prides itself on being a light in the world for democracy and liberty. Yet within its borders it is armed to the teeth. This is a tyranny, borne on a historical anomaly, that must end. Surely, if the phrase “land of the free” stands for anything, it is the embracing of the freedom not to have to live in fear of the gun.

The disgust is not limited to Australian shores. The New York Times struck a similar note. “Mass shootings have become an unsurprising part of American life, with lame public rituals in which politicians express grief and then retreat quickly into denial about this scourge,” the paper’s editorial board wrote Friday.

This Culture of Crime Will Be Stopped Only With the Death Penalty

Erik Loomis at Lawyers, Guns and Money:

Corporations simply cannot be trusted to self-regulate. It will never work because all the incentive is there for them to cheat. They want to profit and if the government isn’t watching, they will cut corners to do so. The auto industry has shown this for decades. Only sticks will work. You have to punish corporations–and specifically corporate executives with massive fines and jail time if you want corporations to obey the law and take safety and pollution seriously. One estimate has the Volkswagen emissions leading to approximately 106 deaths in the United States. VW will be punished for this, but if we want to stop other companies and other industries from similar evasion of regulations, we simply have to beef up our regulatory powers and funding for regulatory agencies significantly. Otherwise, other versions of this will happen again and again.

Missed Opportunity

Divine Irony:



Atheists On Parade

Saturday, October 3, 2015

"I will not sign another shortsighted, short-term spending bill like the one Congress sent me this week."

You're getting into serious no-fucks-left-to-give territory here, Mr. President. You can't executive-order a budget. Do you really think a Boehner-less Congress is less likely to allow a government shutdown?

Full transcript here.

Repug KY Judge Gives Freakazoid "Right" to Newspaper Space

No, Tatenhove: the First Amendment does not confer the right to have your words published in a private company's newspaper.

No, Tatenhove: the First Amendment does not bar "censorship" by private companies.  The ban on speech applies only to government entities.

No, Tatenhove: PopeyFrankie's implicit endorsement of freakazoid imposition of xian sharia does not give you the authority to impose Dominionism on the Commonwealth.

Greg Kocher at the Herald:

A federal judge found an effort by the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology to censor the parenting advice of nationally syndicated newspaper columnist John Rosemond to be unconstitutional.

U.S. District Judge Gregory F. Van Tatenhove ruled Wednesday that the board had "unconstitutionally applied" state regulations to Rosemond's advice column. Van Tatenhove also permanently enjoined the board from "enforcing these laws in an unconstitutional manner against Rosemond or others similarly situated.


The origins of the case date to Feb. 12, 2013, when the Lexington Herald-Leader ran one of Rosemond's columns, "Living with Children." Rosemond advised that the teen, who he referred to as a "highly spoiled underachiever," was "in dire need of a major wake-up call."

He described what actions might be taken, including taking away electronic devices and suspending his privileges until he improved his grades. The article bore the tagline: "Family psychologist John Rosemond answers parents' questions on his website at" This is typical of the taglines affixed to Rosemond's articles.

After Rosemond's article ran, a complaint was filed with the Kentucky Board of Examiners of Psychology. The complainant, a formerly licensed Kentucky psychologist, characterized Rosemond's advice as "unprofessional and unethical." He also expressed concern that Rosemond claimed to be a psychologist when he wasn't licensed in Kentucky.


It is against Kentucky law to practice psychology without a state license, or to use the title "psychologist" without having a state license. Rosemond does not hold a Kentucky license, but he is a licensed psychological associate in North Carolina. He is routinely identified as a "family psychologist" in a note at the end of his columns.
Rosemund is a freakazoid promoter of xian sharia who promotes beatings even for toddlers.  Tatenhove is a former aide to Mitch McConnell and fervent Catlick who belongs on late-night TV peddling disability claim advice.

And the Herald is cowardly for not just canceling Rosemund's column.

Read more here:

Friday, October 2, 2015

Repeal the Second Fucking Amendment. Do It Now.

For what I sure is not within several dozen orders of magnitude of the last time: no one who is not law enforcement has any need for a handgun or semi-automatic weapon of any kind. Period.

Commenter memzilla at Wonkette:


Vote Supressers More Blatantly Racist Than the KKK

If you think this couldn't happen in Kentucky, if Matt Bevin wins Nov. 3 and the repugs take over the state house next year, you're kidding yourself.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Popeyfrankie Not Catlick Piece of Shit. He's Far Worse

He knows exactly what he's doing: undermining America's secular constitutional government and giving aid and comfort to the freakazoids who want to destroy it and replace it with Dominionist theocracy that will make the Taliban look like Unitarians.

But I wonder if he realizes that under a freakazoid Dominionist regime, catlicks will be first against the wall.

So the Vatican is confirming that Pope Francis had a private meeting with Kim Davis and her husband, and did not dispute reports from her attorneys that the Supreme Pontiff gave the embattled Kentucky County Clerk a blessing, an admonition to “stay strong,” and rosaries for her Catholic parents. This is in addition to the earlier evidence Francis supplied to reporters of his agreement with Davis’ claim that government officials can claim a “conscientious objection” to laws that trouble their consciences.

What’s most interesting to me about these events is that the Pope is going out of his way to express solidarity with an apparent apostate (it’s possible she was never a Catholic before her fairly recent conversion to an exotic pentecostal faith community, but unlikely if her parents are part of the One True Church) who’s been divorced three times. No wonder conservative Catholics accuse Francis of doctrinal laxity.

I guess homophobia covers a multitude of sins.
Is that the deal popeyfrankie made with the murdering bastards in the Curia?  Let me throw the plutocrats and poisoners out of the temple, and I'll let you burn the homos and the women at the stake.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

AynRandy Pissed $500K Down the Toilet

Looks like the KY GOP had already read the writing on the wall when they insisted the Tribble-Toupeed One pay half a mil in advance for his personal, private repug primary caucus so he could run for the Senate and White House at the same time.

Of the remaining ten, it is looking more and more like the next one to go could very well be Sen. Rand Paul.

There have been a couple of stories lately that might signal a move sometime soon. First of all, one of Paul’s SuperPacs has quit raising money for him.


Jonathan Easly reported that this week Paul will take a break from the presidential race to do some fundraising for his Senate campaign.

Of course Paul’s supporters were quick to point out that this doesn’t mean he is giving up on his presidential bid. But you have to wonder how long he can keep this up - and why he’d want to when he’s at under 3% in the polls.
When AynRandy drops out of the presidential race and asks the KY party for his money back, I sincerely hope they laugh him right out of the Senate.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Can Matt Bevin Top NC Repugs on Fucking Over the Poor Just For Fun?

National repugs have pulled their money out of the Kentucky Governor's race, so Bevin's probably desperate.  But is he desperate enough to tell the truth about what he'll do as governor to turn Kentucky into Haiti?

Since GOP Gov. Pat McCrory took over North Carolina in January 2013 and Republicans gained complete control of the government, the NC GOP has cut jobless benefits back so far that the state no longer qualifies for federal unemployment dollars, they have eliminated the state's earned income tax credit for the poor, they have purged the state's regulatory commissions and filled them with McCrory cronies, they have ended medical school programs that taught abortion procedures, they have wrecked the state's public education budget, and implemented a regressive tax on repair and maintenance services.

At every turn, NC Republicans are continuing their crusade to smash the state's poor population and give as much money as possible to the wealthiest. And now, their hatred of the poor in the state is so all-consuming, that they are kicking people off SNAP benefits after three months even though the program is 100% funded by federal dollars and the state won't save a dime by doing it.
People at this point in their lives would easily qualify for SNAP benefits federally, but NC Republicans are literally turning down federal tax dollars just to hurt the poor.

And they're going to go to college?  With what money, exactly?  They're still going to be poor, and these clowns know it.

No, this is just outright punishment of the poor,  It's what Republicans do.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Whore of Babylon Endorses Kim Davis

So popeyfrankie is a hateful homophobe, too. Denying human rights to adult women wasn't enough.  What a surprise.  NOW will you faux liberals stop praising this Catlick piece of shit?

Francis said he didn't know the case in detail, but he upheld conscience objection as a human right.

"It is a right. And if a person does not allow others to be a conscientious objector, he denies a right," Francis said.
No, motherfucker: Kim Davis is NOT a consciencious objector.  She is denying legal rights to other people just because she hates them, and is refusing to do the job she is paid by the taxpayers to do. The victims here are gay couples and Kentucky taxpayers, not Davis.

But she's hating on the homos, so that's just peachy with popeyfrankie.

Catlick piece of shit.

Deport the Native-Born for Being Sick, Criminal Moochers; Keep the Immigrants

Immigrants aren't the problem; racist, xenophobic extremists are the problem.
Think Progress:
The newest arrivals in America are assimilating faster into the society than previous generations, and their experiences don’t fit into the most common stereotypes leveled against them, according to a National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine report published this week.

Culling data from the 41 million foreign-born immigrants in the country — a population that includes the 11.3 million undocumented immigrant population — the study authors write in their 400-page report that integration into American society “may make immigrants and their children better off and in a better position to fully contribute to their communities.”
Overall, the immigrants are rapidly assimilating into American society.
“They’re integrating as well as, or even faster, than immigrants who came from Europe in the last century,” lead author and Harvard University sociology professor Dr. Mary Waters told ThinkProgress in a phone interview this week. “In that way, I think it should be reassuring to Americans who are often worried that somehow the immigrants are not learning English, are not progressing well, or becoming full Americans. What we find overall — there’s a lot of details and caveats — but overall, the immigrants are rapidly assimilating into American society.”

Water noted that the study was intended to be “factual and independent of politics.” Even so, her study’s findings do repudiate some of the existing myths about the impact that immigrants have on American society, and could challenge some of the recent xenophobic rhetoric pushed by 2016 Republican presidential candidates with anti-immigrant positions.

Here are the main takeaways from the study that help debunk some persistent misconceptions about immigrants:

Immigrants are healthier than native-born Americans


Immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than native-born Americans


Immigrants are learning English faster than ever