Friday, November 18, 2016

Silly Social Workers. Those People Get Nothing in Trump World.

Yep, it's FREEDUMB! for child abusers and senior neglecters and drug abusers in Kentucky, because Gov. Matt "Trumpian before Trumpian was cool" Bevin and his all-repug legislature aren't giving a dime of public money to help those people.

From the AP:

A current and a former state social worker pleaded with lawmakers to help alleviate staff shortages and rising caseloads.

The Courier-Journal ( ) reports Louisville social service worker Katy Coleman told the House-Senate Health and Welfare Committee on Wednesday that workers are quitting at "astronomical proportions," leaving children even more helpless.

The Department for Community Based Services has been hollowed out by repeated budget cuts over the years. In that time, social workers say their jobs have become even more necessary because of the heroin abuse epidemic.

Coleman says there are nearly 8,100 children in foster care, a 200-child increase over a few months ago.

"It just keeps getting worse every day," Coleman said. "Heroin reigns supreme."
 Bevin to start blaming Obama in 3, 2 ...

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