Friday, November 11, 2016

Beware the Rage of the Betrayed

Already spineless "Democrats" from Brent Yonts in Western Kentucky all the way up to Elizabeth Warren and Barack Obama - SHAME on them! - are playing nice with the Orange Menace.

They'll get us all killed.

We're watching them.  We're taking names.  The tiny dictator is going down, and all the dems who failed to spit in his face are going to pay the price exacted by the voters.

Yes, we’re all supposed to come together after an election, let bygones be bygones, and march forward unified as neither Democrats nor Republicans but patriotic Americans celebrating the triumph of the democratic process. But it’s difficult to link arms when the home of the free embraces the leadership of a racist.

Let the other groups denigrated and threatened by Trump speak for themselves. The women, immigrants, Muslims, Jews, the LGBT community and others who now must walk through the streets of their country for the next four years in shame and fear, knowing that their value as human beings has been diminished by their neighbors. I only speak for myself as an African-American and I speak with the rage of betrayal.

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