Thursday, November 3, 2016

Toddlers Now Calling Bevin Immature

Yeah, tell me again what great "leaders" billionaire thieves are.
In an extraordinarily harsh Facebook post on Sunday afternoon, Gov. Matt Bevin accused state Rep. Russ Meyer of being a "habitual liar." And the governor stood by that charge in a brief interview on Monday.

"Lying is lying and it should be called out," Bevin said in an impromptu interview at the Capitol following a meeting of the Economic Development Partnership Board. "I want the people in that district to understand that I have no respect for Russ Meyer, zero, because he's a liar."

Bevin's administration and Meyer, a Nicholasville Democrat, have been clashing for months over the stopping of a proposed road project in Jessamine County.

And Meyer said in response to Bevin later Monday that Bevin is the one lying. "The governor's Facebook post demonstrates that he is worried about going under oath and testifying as to why he canceled the road project," Meyer said in a statement.

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