Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Intimidation by Public Assault

Note the coward ran away.  Remember:  all bullies are cowards.
But how many of the people reading this will now be afraid to discuss politics in public, or even in private if they might be overheard?  Because that is the goal.

An apparent Donald Trump fan punched a lady in the face after the pair got into an argument about the outcome of the election at Boerum Hill French bistro Bar Tabac on Saturday evening then made a hasty getaway as staff tried to chase him down, according to witnesses who were shocked to see the whole thing play out in front of families during dinner-time.
“It’s the worst thing ever — a guy in front of kids punching a girl in the face,” said Jonas Leon, the manager who was on duty at the Smith and Dean streets eatery at the time of the attack.
The assailant was having dinner with a woman when he got into an argument about the president-elect with the two women at the table next to him after they expressed their disappointment about Trump’s victory, according to Leon.
The man asked Leon to throw the women out of the restaurant, but he refused, and instead moved the gent and his companion to a different table. The guy paid his check and exited the restaurant at 6:50 pm, but then dashed back in again — nearly knocking over a kid on his way — and slugged one of the ladies in the face, according to the manager.
This is now normalized behavior unless we step up and resist whenever we see it. And we may well see it everywhere.
The worst part of this is that the assaulter demanded that the manager throw out of the restaurant two women who were having a conversation about the election.  Obviously, he expected to be obeyed.  This manager refused, but how many restaurant manager would cave and throw the innocent non-trumpians out simply because the assaulter is louder and angrier?

And don't say call the cops.  Every single one of the motherfuckers voted for the tiny dictator.

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