Wednesday, November 9, 2016

No Quarter

For those who have yet to learn the lessons of the last eight years: Being nice to bullies only makes them more violent.

Do not, under any circumstances, give any repug or Trumpian the time of day.  Do not congratulate them.  Do not try to "understand" them.  DO. NOT. BE. NICE.

You wanna know why Hillary Clinton lost last night?  Because for eight years, while repugs attacked with all the hate and fury of the racists they are, Barack Obama and Democratic leaders across the country played nice.

They turned the other cheek.  They pretended the repugs were rational adults with the best interests of the nation at heart. They ignored the screaming sirens warning that the repugs were not playing Constitutional Republic, but rather Fastest Road to Somalia.

When the repugs went low, the Obamas went high, and now everything Democrats built over the last eight years - hell, the last eighty years - is on the chopping block.

If we make that mistake again, if we try to reach across the aisle, if we try to compromise, if we give in because fighting that kind of vicious hate is just too hard, then we really are done and we should all just kill ourselves now.

Because everything that holds this nation together is on the line.  We must be as unrelenting, as uncompromising, as vicious in defense of our values as they have been.  Because the era of compromise is over. 

We have to go on offense, and stay on offense forever.  Because they will never quit.  And we can't let up for a single second.

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