Monday, November 21, 2016

Fascist Tangelo Throws Temper Tantrum

If the entire cast of Hamilton had screamed obscenities at Pence and then dropped trou and mooned the motherfucker, they still would absolutely not owe him an apology.

Apologize for free political speech?  What the fascist tangelo (props to Shakezula) thinks is appropriate punishment for actual protesters has the Abu Ghraib torturers terrified.

Sure Pence is a man who has used his position to oppress gay people and women. Yes, there’s strong evidence that he dabbled in disenfranchisement. Yes, he’s second banana to a fascist tangelo. And no, you haven’t heard him utter a peep against the rest of the white supremacist goons on Team Trump. But Dave Itzkoff saw the man attend an insanely popular musical while surrounded by a Secret Service detail and knew he must be trying to engage [something] and could possibly get some ideas [about something]. Therefore the fact that some members of the audience booed Pence (others cheered), made Itzkoff ;_;.


Anyone who has reason to fear fascist goons, tough shit on them and their 1st Am. rights. Should a member of the cast or theater staff, or some guy making deliveries to the building or someone who looks a bit Hamiltonish get mauled because the PEST blamed them for the booing, that will of course not be the fault of the Donald. And give him another chance, because he’s trying.

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