Thursday, September 20, 2001

And For the Mentally Ill, Execution by Electrocution

It's so annoying when mentally ill people ignore instructions; really, they're just asking for it.

From Digby:

Oh wait, there's another one:

A South Carolina coroner says a man who died after he was stunned by police officer was a homicide victim.

But multiple media outlets reported the Greenville County coroner’s office says state investigators should decide if there was criminal wrongdoing in the death of 39-year-old Andrew Torres on Aug. 9.

Coroner Parks Evans says the mentally ill man died from an irregular heart beat as the result of having an enlarged heart, the physical strain of fighting with police and being stunned with Tasers.

Police Chief Terri Wilfong has said her officers followed proper procedures when they went to a home to take Torres into custody for involuntary psychiatric commitment.

The mentally ill in the country have targets on their backs. When they are suffering from some kind of break or are delusional, they can't make the "decision" to comply so they get electrocuted --- and some of them die. Anyone who has a relative who is mentally ill should be aware of this. They are in danger.

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