Saturday, November 5, 2016

KY OKs Voting Selfies

Yeah, it earned you jail to take a photo of yourself voting for the Black Guy for president, but documenting your vote for the first Woman President is fine.

SO perfectly Kentucky, the only state that joined the Confederacy AFTER the Civil War.

From the Courier:

Attention millennials – and others who like to take pictures of themselves – it is now legal to take selfies while you vote in Kentucky.

The state attorney general’s office opined this week that no Kentucky law prohibits ballot selfies and there is no reason to conclude they threaten the secrecy of the ballot.

Polling place selfies are illegal in 18 states on the theory that they encourage vote buying by allowing someone to take a picture proving they voted for the candidate they were paid to support. Kentucky now joins Indiana among the states where the selfies are allowed.
Anything to get Millennials to vote.  

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