Thursday, November 17, 2016

KY Reps Already Voted to Kill Medicare

The House took a vote last year to "privatize" (translation: destroy) Medicare.  Kentucky's only congressional Democrat, Congressional Awesome John Yarmuth, of course voted no.  Hal Rogers, Ed "I live in Florida" Whitfield, Candy Barr and Brett Guthrie all voted to let their elderly constituents die in the street. Thomas Massie voted no, probably because it was part of a budget bill and he claims to hate all spending.

From TPM:

Here's our write up from 2015 when the Ryan budget blueprint passed for the fifth time.
Like previous proposals by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), the new plan by House Budget Chair Tom Price (R-GA) transforms Medicare after 10 years into a market exchange (which bears many similarities to Obamacare) where seniors receive a federal subsidy to buy insurance from a menu of options. 
The menu includes private insurance plans and the option of staying in traditional Medicare. Like Ryan's proposal last year, it does not impose a cap on how much Medicare is allowed to spend per beneficiary, a GOP budget aide said. It is a response to criticism that the "premium support" structure could lead to high out-of-pocket costs that make coverage unaffordable for seniors.
The budget passed by a vote of 219 to 208. All 219 were Republicans, all but 26 members of the GOP caucus. Did your Rep vote for it? Easy enough to find out. Here's the roll call. For all 219 of them, they've already voted for the plan. They know about it because they voted for it. So no one can wriggle out of saying they don't know about it or there's no plan or they haven't announced a position yet. They already voted for it - at least if they're among the 219 who voted for it.

The only question is whether they plan to vote on it again now that Obama's veto pen is out of the way.
So TPM asked its readers to call their congress critters and ask.

Andy Barr is a loud and proud Fuck You, Sixth District old people.

Thomas Massie leads the Cowardly Caucus, refusing to respond to constituent questions.

Apparently no one has called Yarmuth, Guthrie or Rogers (Whitfield finally closed his 10-year one-man show "I live in Florida but get paid to represent Western Kentucky people about whom I don't give a shit.  Hahaha, what morons they keep voting for me.")

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