Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Ed Kilgore:

Now I don’t know anything about the president’s relationship with Boehner. But it’s becoming a matter of national security for him to find some way to take him aside, maybe give the Speaker a cigarette from his secret stash, and say: “I will see you in Hell before I negotiate over the debt limit. And if you let a default happen, I will devote the rest of my presidency to making sure you, personally, bear the blame, and go down in history with our most despised traitors and criminals. For generations, little school children in Ohio will cross themselves and make hex signs when your name is mentioned. So do not, do not, go back and tell your crazy people they can win if they just stick together."

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Old Scout said...

There is but one underlaying reason for the coupling of the medical insurance issue with either the debt limit or the borrowing capacity ... and that is to make the black man in the white house eat his own fecal matter. All other linkages and excuses are either spurious or specious.