Sunday, October 13, 2013

Americans "Just Want the Fighting to End" Only If Our Side Wins

James Carroll should know better than to cite polls that ask broad questions with multiple interpretations.

There isn't a single sentient person in this country who "just wants the fighting in Congress to end."

Everybody wants her side to win. 

I defy James Carroll or anybody else to find a Democratic voter who wants the fighting to end by President Obama surrendering the presidency to a minority of the repug minority in Congress.

I defy anybody to find a republican voter who wants the fighting to end by repugs in Congress surrendering to President Obama on Obamacare and the budget.

The polarization in Washington perfectly reflect the polarization in the nation as a whole. There are no independents, no swing voters.  Just repugs and Democrats who always vote the party line, and repugs and Democrats who vote the party line when they are sufficiently inspired to get out and vote at all.

I think that is a good thing.  Polarization clarifies issues and where politicians stand on those issues. Polarization forces elected officials to fight for the laws and policies their voters want.

But polarization makes politics a zero-sum game.  For one side to win, the other side has to lose.

The fighting won't end until somebody loses. And nobody wants that somebody to be them.

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