Monday, October 7, 2013

Louisville Radio Host Flunks Hate Speech Test

Yes, tolerating someone else's hate speech makes you a racist, too.

Joseph Gerth at the Courier:

And so it was, just over six minutes into the show when Conway put Gary on the air.

“Hey, Gary, you’re on 84 WHAS. What’s going on, Gary?” Conway said.

“Hey, my wife had a suggestion about the ‘Panda Cam,’ ” Gary replied.

“Yeah, hold on a second, hold on a second,” Conway stopped him. “Is she OK? Is your wife OK with the ‘Panda Cam’ shutdown?”

“She’s alright with that, but, you know, she’s got a suggestion for the ‘Panda Cam,’ those who are really troubled about it, they can always just watch the ape that’s in the White House, so, an interesting suggestion,” Gary said.

“Thanks for your call. I appreciate it, I appreciate it,” said Conway, who seemed to rush Gary off the air. “Thanks for your call.”

Conway took another caller, and then, returned to talk about Gary’s call and to school him on a minor political point, but not for calling the president an ape.
Conway had a series of lame excuses each of which made him sound more racist than the last, and apparently still doesnt' get it.

But Raoul Cunningham, president of the Louisville branch of the NAACP, said use of the word “ape” in describing Obama — the nation’s first black president — was more than disrespectful. It was racist.

Likening blacks to apes and gorillas has long been a method that racists “have used to portray African Americans as subhuman,” said Cunningham, who added that using such words is hurtful and wrong.
What kind of fucking moron doesn't understand that? Oh yeah: the racist kind.

And John Johnson, executive director of the Kentucky Commission on Human Rights, said it was Conway’s duty to “say something that would prick this individual’s conscience.”“... It was disrespectful of not only the office of the president, but it implies the worst in people. It is racist,” he said.

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