Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bluegrass Pipeline Reps Are Confessed Liars and Trespassers

Executives of the companies preparing to build a natural gas liquids pipeline to carry toxic fracking byproducts through the delicate limestone of Central Kentucky have apologized for surveying Kentucky State University Property without permission.

This weeks after first denying that any surveying had taken place on the KSU property (LIARS), then claiming that they had permission, I guess from some random dudes wandering around at the time (LIARS and TRESPASSERS.)

Anti-pipeline activists are hearing stories from multiple counties on the pipeline route of illegal surveying by pipeline representatives. The apparent goal is to get a route fully mapped and thus present a fait accompli to the Kentucky General Assembly in January.

And they'll get it by any means necessary.

Find out more at Then Take Action.

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