Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fossil Fuels Are Dead and Solar Killed Them

Big Oil, Big Coal and Big Gas are propping up rotting corpses to keep the poisonous profits and budget-busting government subsidies flowing. It's over and they know it.

Their longstanding claim that reducing fossil fuel use means the end of civilization, forcing us to huddle in caves lit by candles, stands exposed as a Big Lie: even here in coal-worshipping Kentucky, there's enough renewable energy available that your local power company will sell it to you instead of coal-generated energy if you request it.

Mark Hertsgaard at The Nation:

”We’re actually winning the fight against climate change, but most people don’t know it yet.”

That may seem a strange statement to make in a week when a landmark scientific report declares that humanity must quit fossil fuels within thirty years or risk catastrophic climate change. But Danny Kennedy, a former top Greenpeace activist who helps run the global solar company Sungevity, says that solar and wind power are growing so fast worldwide that they will displace fossil fuels much sooner than usually thought. He has lots of supporting data, much of which comes from the crazy tree-huggers at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, Deutsche Bank and the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.
No political naïf, Kennedy knows that the Koch brothers and other fossil fuel titans must still be resisted. But he believes climate activists need to shift emphasis. “We’ve convinced the public that climate change is a problem and that the powers that be don’t have an answer,” Kennedy says. “The final step is to show we do have an answer. It’s divest, but also reinvest. Let’s talk about how we drive wind and solar forward in the US so they’re in not just half a million households but 40 million, which is entirely possible.”

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