Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Arsonists Blame the Firefighters on Obamacare

Back when Congress had a professional staff to do research and pose questions at hearings, this would never happen. Staffers would hog-tie Members and lock them in their offices before letting them humiliate themselves on live cameras like this.

Rude Pundit:

Let's bottom line this: Kathleen Sebelius and the Obama administration said they needed more money to get the website right. Congress said no. And now Kathleen Sebelius has to look these same motherfuckers in the face and answer their stupid ass questions about why the website has had so many failures. She should just hold up a goddamn mirror as her response to every question.

Bully to you, Republicans. You got the Obamacare you wanted, one that has people frustrated and angry. You've tried to defund it, challenged it in court (which you're still doing), stopped states from making their own functioning exchanges (which is one of the big reasons the cluster has been fucked) and not accepted expanded Medicaid, outright lied about shit, and were total assholes about encouraging people to sign up.

Please, don't pretend you care about making it all work better. Shit, that's like a terrorist saying that he's gonna help rebuild the embassy he just blew up instead of claiming responsibility and threatening to bomb more places. Own it. The fuck-ups are yours at least as much as they are the Obama administration's. Arguably, more so.

So take a fuckin' bow. You deserve it, you obstructionist twats. After all, we probably wouldn't even be talking website breakdowns if, instead of throwing the wrench into the machine, you had used it to tighten the bolts.
Let's be careful in making comparisons to wonderfully-working marketplace programs like kynect in Kentucky. Kynect has to sign up 640,000 uninsured people.  The federal website has to sign up 30 million uninsured people. Governor Beshear made sure kynect got all the funding, staffing and support it needed to work. The federal website got nothing but obstruction.

Congress should be kneeling in the dust before Sebelius, admitting that despite their most desperate efforts, she beat them. 

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Anonymous said...

I find the stupidity of the public to be limitless. Jobs are rare good jobs even more rare. People lose their house; half the time illegal foreclosures where they were not behind. So all the republicans we elected stand up and see the worst problem for them "we are going to work to make barrack obama a one term president."