Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hold Thomas Massie Acountable for These Deaths

Andy Barr, Hal Rogers, Brett Guthrie and Ed Whifield, too - they are all refusing to pass a continuing resolution to re-open the federal government.

And now there's blood on their hands.

Coal miners are dying on the job at an alarming pace while politicians are squabbling and the government remains partially closed, the United Mine Workers of America said Tuesday.Last week was the first time since 2002 the industry had three deaths in three days — one each in West Virginia, Illinois and Wyoming. 
The union called on workers to "watch each other's back" and take extra precautions working around machinery while regular safety inspections by the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration are on hold.
Also, don't eat any chicken or anything from a kitchen where chicken has been cooked: there's a salmonella outbreak and nobody to figure out where it came from or how to stop it.

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