Thursday, October 17, 2013

KY's Freshman Vote to Keep Government Closed, Crash Economy

AynRandy Paul, Candy Barr and Teabagger Tommie Massie all voted No on last night's Do Your Fucking Job bill in the Senate and House.

Isn't that the kind of lack of personal responsibility that those three think should be punished by starvation and homelessness? Let's keep that in mind when the motherfuckers are up for re-election next year (the Tribble-Toupeed One in 2016.)

Our congressional veterans McConnell, Yarmuth, Guthrie, Rogers and Whitfield all voted Yes - the latter four out of utter lack of fear of electoral defeat, and Mitchie-poo out of pants-shitting fear of everybody and everything, and thus having no good options.

Ed Kilgore at Political Animal:

It was a foregone conclusion that the bill to end the manufactured fiscal crisis would sail through Congress once Ted Cruz foreswore a filibuster and John Hastert abandoned the “Hastert Rule.” The actual votes were anticlimactic, but still interesting.

The eighteen Senate Republicans who voted against the bill were far short of what it would have taken to sustain a filibuster, obviously. But still, the “nays” included all three senators thought to be mulling a 2016 presidential campaign (Cruz, Paul and Rubio), plus one previously mainstream senator facing a right-bent primary challenge (Enzi).

The 285-144 House vote showed why abandonment of the Hastert Rule was necessary. Actually, the 87 Republican votes cast for the bill (as against 144 GOP “nays”) was higher than most people anticipated. But it showed that unreasonable conservatism remains a majority proposition in the House Republican Conference.


Cohn also notes that House GOPers with distinctly less ideologically conservative voting records and those from very marginal districts voted overwhelmingly for the deal. But any way you slice it, the majority of the Conference voted to continue a government shutdown and a debt limit threat that were not working very well for the GOP or for the country.

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