Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Value of Personal Thanks From the President

Alison Lundergan Grimes and Steve Beshear think they're fooling Kentucky's Democratic voters with their little act.  Beshear promotes the Affordable Care Act nationwide and non-stop, on every news show that will have him, while Grimes slides under the radar, pretending nothing related to the president has anything to do with her.

They think Democratic voters are stupid.  They're going to get a nasty surprise when Grimes loses to McConnell next November by 30 points. 

From the AP:

Gov. Steve Beshear has gotten a personal thank you from President Barack Obama for a smooth rollout of the health care overhaul in Kentucky.

Beshear told reporters Wednesday that Obama called him on Tuesday.

Kentucky has not had the technical glitches that have plagued the federal health benefit exchange. More than 18,000 of Kentucky's 640,000 uninsured residents have signed up for coverage since Oct. 1. And nearly 34,000 have completed applications.

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Old Scout said...

The behaviors of Beshear & Grimes in this matter and as you describe them will be irrelevant to missymcconnell winning in Nevember.

The lack of actual or real Democrats in Kentucky is the problem.

The lack of jobs causes those who will work to move to other places. Those who don't want to work become repubs; either to ensure handouts to themselves or handouts to those who will vote for republi-can'ts, religiously - pun intended.