Saturday, October 5, 2013

All I Want In This World is for Charlie Pierce to Be Wrong About This

Because if he's right in thinking that the Keystone Pipeline is already approved, we're all fucked.

But there are some issues on which it does not pay to be too clever by half, on which there is only one dimension in which the chess should be played. One of them is Social Security and Medicare. Another one is this damn pipeline. It is not possible to be serious about climate change and then green-light this project. This is a pipeline, so it will leak, because it always leaks. TransCanada will then lie about the leak because it is an extraction industry and that's what they do when things leak. The fuel it carries will ludicrously accelerate the pace of global climate change. And, more to the point, every case presented in its favor has turned out to be a lie. The job figures always were science fiction. It will do nothing to the price of gasoline in this country. Why we should put the Oglalla Aquifer at risk with a pipeline that the Canadians don't want to build in their own country just so that the Chinese can continue to pollute the air escapes me. I think these former campaign staffers are right. I think the bag job on this one is nearly complete.

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