Monday, February 9, 2015

Why the Inheritance Tax Should Be 110 Percent

Or 200 percent. It can't possibly be enough.*


Terrible news on the social justice front: A young man was arrested and shackled just for exercising his First Amendment rights to free speech. Sort of:
Paris Hilton’s younger brother Conrad has appeared in court after allegedly becoming enraged on a British Airways flight from London to Los Angeles, calling passengers “peasants” and making children cry. […]
According to a 17-page affidavit from an FBI agent, Hilton became unruly soon after the plane took off, pacing the aisle and complaining that another passenger was giving him a “stink eye.”
Witnesses said he was in a rage for much of the 11-hour flight, at one point yelling: “I will f****** own anyone on this flight. They are f****** peasants.”
He also allegedly shouted: “If you wanna square up to me bro, then bring it on and I will f****** fight you.”
It turns out the Hilton family has a whole bunch of spoiled brat children contributing nothing to society except for their brattiness, crime sprees, lots of drunk driving, and occasional sex videos. There is, in addition to Paris and the one who “designs” “clothes,” this other one called Conrad, and at a mere 20 years of age, he already has an impressive record of being a Hilton:
In 2012, Hilton allegedly entered a rehab facility after reportedly crashing into a parked car, but left early. At the time of the incident, neighbors claimed he told them, “See this bracelet. It costs $11,000. I can pay for everything.” TMZ reported Tuesday that following that bad July flight, “Conrad voluntarily checked into a 30-day inpatient drug and alcohol treatment program,” but he was involved in another car crash last August – less than a month after the incident. A California police officer told The Desert Sun at the time that several motorists had complained of “reckless driving.”
Guess the rehab didn’t take, but whatevs, the family is going to check him back into rehab again anyway. According to his attorney Robert Shapiro — yeah, the same esquire who helped OJ Simpson persuade a jury the Real Killer is still out there — Conrad was probably being an abusive dick to everyone on the plane because, “It may be the effects of a sleeping pill.”

We totally know how that goes. You pop one Ambien, and next thing you know, you’re screaming at everyone around you that they are fucking peasants, soooooo beneath you, and also maybe getting high on reefer in the airplane bathroom too, while you’re at it. Really gotta watch out for those sleeping pills.

Or maybe Conrad is just trying to keep up with his brother Barron, who is also a total drunken crimer who was ordered to pay $4.9 million — or as the Hilton kids call it, a week’s allowance — for smashing his Mercedes-Benz into a gas station worker the Hilton kids could fucking own because he is a fucking peasant who worked at a fucking gas station until Barron fucking Hilton had “amnesia” and also “lots of alcohol in his then-18-year-old body.”
Seriously, name one black or brown kid from the "inner city" who is less of a social asset to the community than Conrad or Barron Hilton, or any of their equally useless trust-fund-baby friends.  I could walk into any maximum-security prison in the country and in one hour find a dozen guys more beneficial to the community than useless rich assholes like these.

Shit, at least drug dealers actually do create jobs.

*No,of course we're not talking about family farms or businesses.  Pay attention.

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