Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Decline of a 20,000-Year-Old Con

Despite the gay marriages happening everywhere you look, marriage in general appears to be in decline.

Don't panic; it's a good thing.
Fewer people are getting married for the same reason fewer people attend church or consider themselves religious:  A 20,000-year-old con game is falling apart.
It's no coincidence that religion and marriage appeared during the same stage of human development. They are both:
  • methods of social control
  • sold as social benefits
  • to people who need them as social crutches
Now the need for social crutches is disappearing:
  • science has answered virtually all of the natural mysteries that people used to attribute to a deity.
  • rapid economic change has eliminated the old sex-and-child-rearing-in-exchange-for-financial-security contract that required marriage.
Women can support themselves financially and don't need to marry for money.
The sexual revolution and contraception made frequent, excellent sex available for both men and women without either marriage or religion.
The marks are waking up and rejecting the old lies.

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