Wednesday, February 25, 2015

KY House Lets AT&T Kill Your Grandma

No, that's not hyperbole.  Under this bill, AT&T can eliminate all land-line phones in the Commonwealth.

Think that's no biggie?  Tens of thousands of elderly, poor and disabled Kentuckians live in valleys and forests far from cities and inaccessible to cell service.  Without land lines, they cannot call 911.  Without landlines, they are cut off from help in an emergency.  Without landlines, they will die.

Not that the bought-off dems in the Kentucky House give a flying fuck about your grandma.

From the Herald:

First, on House Bill 152 — nicknamed the AT&T bill — the House voted 71 to 25 to approve the deregulation measure and send it to the Senate.

Opponents had managed to block the bill in the House for several years, citing consumer protection concerns, but it now appears destined to become law. The Senate has passed similar versions of the bill for several years and Gov. Steve Beshear quickly issued a statement Tuesday praising the House for approving the bill.
We've had 40 years of experience suffering from deregulation in this country, and everybody knows that deregulation means higher costs to customers and bad or non-existent service.

The only thing that stops corporations from scooping up taxpayers to ground them into dog food is government regulation.  Take that regulation away, and we're all fucked.

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