Thursday, February 19, 2015

Call Now to Stop KY Trans-Teen Hate Bill

The Senate Education Committee has just announced that Senator C.B. Embry's anti-transgender "Bathroom Bounty Bill," SB 76, is set to be heard Thursday, Feb. 19 at Noon in Capitol Annex Room 171.

If you can come to the Capitol to show your support for transgender students in Kentucky, please do! If not, please call 1-800-372-7181 and leave a message for "My Senator, Senate Leadership, and the Senate Education Committee" to OPPOSE SB76!

The Capitol Annex is the building located immediately behind the Capitol, 700 Capitol Avenue, 40601. For directions or questions, call 502.640.1095 or
  • It's an unnecessary solution in search of a problem
  • Absurdly demands chromosomal and biological proof of gender to use school restrooms
  • Opens the stall door to Kentucky politicians regulating school restrooms throughout the state
  • Violation of Title IX, the federal law banning discrimination in schools based on sex
  • Takes home rule away from local school districts and school principals
  • Targets gender non-conforming students, who are already among the most harassed--nearly nine in ten have been verbally harassed at school and more than half have been physically assaulted
  • Allows students to claim a $2,500 bounty for each encounter with a transgender student and more money for psychological and emotional harm
  • "I tend to think that working through issues such as this are better handled on the local level." -Bowling Green Independent School District Superintendent Joe Tinius

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