Monday, February 16, 2015

Company With KY Contracts Still Serving Maggoty Meals

Aramark's criminally bad food service has been accused of causing riots in Kentucky prisons; how many people does it have to kill and how many millions of KY taxpayer dollars does it have to steal before we finally outlaw privatization?
A prison food vendor that underfeeds inmates and prepares food next to maggots could have its contract extended in Ohio.

Several lawsuits allege that Aramark Correctional Services, a Philadelphia-based company, violates prisoner rights by failing to provide enough food and preparing food in unsanitary conditions. On multiple occasions, maggots were spotted in Ohio prison kitchens. Facilities reportedly ran out of main courses, and inmates were fed white bread and peanut butter instead. Employee absenteeism was also cited as a major problem in the past, while many workers had illegal sexual encounters with inmates. Collectively, Aramark’s contract violations forced the state to fine the company $272,000, although its endemic service failures extend to other parts of the country as well.

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