Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kentucky: The Lynching State

Contrary to the fantasies of KKKers and their apologists here in the Bluegrass State, Kentucky did not secede from the union before or during the Civil War. Like Missouri and Maryland, Kentucky was a slave state that declined to practice treason in defense of slavery.

But the confusion is understandable.  An ugly history is often short-handed this way:  Kentucky is the only state that joined the Confederacy AFTER the Civil War.

And boy did it ever.


Note that Kentucky is the ONLY non-Confederacy state to make the list of terror lynchings.  Fulton County, Kentucky on the Tennessee/Missouri border, is tied for 25th among counties with the highest concentration of lynchings.

Nope, no racism here.  Today we just get cops to shoot 'em down in the streets.

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