Sunday, February 1, 2015

Forget the Pot and the Bullying: Here's Why To Hate and Fear Jeb

Before Mitt quit, D.R. Tucker posted this explanation of why Romney would be a far less dangerous president than Jeb Bush.

However, a known zealot like Bush—a pudgier Ted Cruz, basically—would likely drive this country to the brink of economic and ecological Armageddon. By the end of Jeb Bush’s term, cemeteries from coast to coast would be capacity-filled with the bodies of young women who rammed coat hangers into their wombs and bled to death because a safe abortion was virtually impossible to obtain. Not one square inch of this land would go unfracked. We’d find ourselves in a needless war that would dwarf the Vietnam War’s casualty rate. Birth defects would soar as more pollution spewed into the air, unrestricted by a neutered EPA. Income inequality would increase exponentially. Black men would seek to leave the United States en masse for fear of being slaughtered by ever-more-aggressive law enforcement. The very vulnerable would resemble the residents of Stevie Wonder’s “Village Ghetto Land”:
Children play with rusted cars,
Sores cover their hands,
Politicians laugh and drink,
Drunk to all demands.
Families buying dog food now,
Starvation roams the streets,
Babies die before they’re born.
Infected by the grief…
George W. Bush may have been an alcoholic, but Jeb’s still an addict, letting the narcotic of Reaganomics trickle down into his veins. Under a President Jeb Bush, we would all freebase on fear, overdose on obnoxiousness, and inject ourselves with idiocy.

I have no love for Romney, but this country could survive him. The same cannot be said for Bush. With Dubya’s brother in charge, America would collapse like that bridge in Minnesota or that walkway in Missouri. It would make the Hoover Administration look like the good old days.

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