Monday, February 9, 2015

More Guns, More Dead

Gun owners in Kentucky can get permits to carry concealed weapons under a new online application process.
Here's a headline that will have you reeling:
States With Most Gun Deaths Have High Gun Ownership And Weak Gun Laws, Report Shows
How can that be? Surely there must be a lot of "good guys with guns" making everybody all polite and friendly. What's going on here?


I, for one, am shocked. I've been told for years that the answer to gun violence if for more people to have guns and here it turns out that the more people have guns, the more gun violence there is. I simply cannot fathom how this could be. Why, you'd have to think that there's something about gun culture doesn't make much sense. Like the fatuous notion that a bunch of doughy yahoos running around with AR-15s strapped to the backs are going to fight off the jackbooted thugs come knocking on our doors. These statistics indicate that they will more likely panic and shoot one of their kids by mistake.

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