Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Federal Government Mandate the Freakazoids Love

It's the only one they really want: forcing everybody to obey christian sharia law in all things.


Hobby Lobby's owner Steve Green believes it's a constraint on their religious liberty and the 1st Amendment for the government to mandate they pay for insurance that covers contraception. But never let it be said that they are against government mandates on principle. Or even religious mandates:


When I was in high school I took a course called "comparative world religions" which, needless to say, discussed the Bible since it is the basis for three of them. It's "history" "story" and "impact" were a huge part of he course as I recall and I think we all came away understanding how important the Bible has been in the development of Western Civilization. They didn't teach us that what was in the Bible was revealed truth or that its stories were to be taken literally or that we would all go to hell if we didn't believe in it. And that is undoubtedly what this fellow really wants the public schools to be teaching children.

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