Friday, July 11, 2014

KY's Number One Homophobe To Challenge Jack "Conscience of the Commonwealth" Conway For Governor

Well of course he's going to run.  Because Loser Mongiardo never learns. And because he still panics at the slightest hint of gay rights.

Sam Youngman at the Herald:

Daniel Mongiardo, the former lieutenant governor and 2010 challenger to Conway for the Democratic U.S. Senate nomination, said in a wide-ranging interview with the Herald-Leader late last month that he is considering a run for the governor's mansion.
"If I get in this race, I will be a late entrant," Mongiardo said. "I know the roads to every county. And I've traveled them, and I've driven them personally. So I know how to get there, and I know who to call when I get there. And if they've committed to somebody else, so be it. I'll take those chances."
Like other Democrats who have been mentioned as possible candidates, Mongiardo is adamant that he would not announce a run before November "because we have to have a friend who's going to help us with these kinds of ideas in Washington."
In a follow-up email Tuesday, after Conway announced he had raised more than $750,000 in his first seven weeks as a candidate, Mongiardo accused Conway of hurting Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes' efforts to defeat Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.
"Alison deserves better," Mongiardo said. "Our party deserves better. Should I decide to run for governor, it will not only be a campaign for our commonwealth's future, it will be a campaign for the soul of our Democratic Party."
Former State Auditor Crit Luallen, who considered her own bid for the governor's mansion, said it's "inappropriate" and "disingenuous" to attack Conway over fundraising because he has raised significant amounts for Grimes and House Democrats.
"I would challenge anyone who's criticizing Jack to detail how much they've done for those fall races," Luallen said.
"campaign for the soul of the Democratic Party"  Translation: Conway refused to appeal a federal court decision granting marriage rights to gay couples, so Mongiardo has to run to represent the freakazoid homophobic haters who will never, ever, ever vote Democratic.

We'll know whether he's serious if he shows up at Fancy Farm August 2.

Not that it matters.  Conway will crush him in the Democratic primary on his way to getting crushed in turn by Jamie Comer in November 2015.

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