Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Kentucky Doubles Down on Freakazoid Graft

Kentucky just can't gobble enough of that creationist con game cock. Fuck the taxpayers, let's buy some more intellectual child abuse.

Jack Brammer at the Herald:

A group that wants to build a Noah's Ark theme park in Grant County won preliminary approval Tuesday of state tax incentives of as much as $18.25 million to keep the controversial project afloat. 
The Kentucky Tourism Development Finance Authority voted unanimously to give preliminary approval of the incentives for the $73 million first phase of the biblical theme park.

An independent consultant for the state will take six to eight weeks to review the project. It then will come back to the state panel for final consideration of tax incentives.
 Three years ago, the group, Ark Encounter, won approval of incentives for its entire $172.5 million project. Because of funding problems, it withdrew that application and now is seeking approval for $73 million.
A $909 million hole in the state budget, child care and mental health centers going begging for crumbs, but the god-fuckers get a blank check.

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