Friday, July 4, 2014

Fourth of July Songs

Peter Rothberg at The Nation:

Not enough Americans are aware that much of what the country considers our patriotic culture, especially our iconic music, was created by artists and writers of decidedly left-wing sympathies. Three years ago, I posted a list of what I called the Top Twelve Most Patriotic Songs Ever. I’ve rethought those selections, consulted with experts and can now present my heavily revised and highly debatable list of Top Ten July 4th Songs, presented in random order. To me, these songs, taken together, help distill the American experience and make clear both what’s great about the US and what still needs critical attention.

As President Obama sinks us back into the Iraq quagmire, here's a reminder of the last time we got into a 58,000-dead-Americans catastrophe 300 "advisors" at a time.

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