Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kentucky Native Hemp Thriving Without Chemicals

Of course it is. Native plants* in strong soil don't need fucking chemicals. Only weak-ass foreigners, GMOs and hybrids like modern tobacco need to be drenched in toxic additives to survive.

Janet Patton at the Herald:

Hemp's comeback in Kentucky is going strong, tall and green.

A patch of hemp seeded at the University of Kentucky's Spindletop research farm in Lexington in late May has climbed well over 6 feet in some places and is still going, without neither fertilizer nor pesticides.

"It's doing just fine so far," said Dave Williams, a UK agronomist who, with Rich Mundell, is in charge of the test plots.

"We've had enough rain to keep it growing and enough heat to make it grow." 
 The first legal hemp planted in Central Kentucky appears to be off to a good start despite being planted later than originally hoped.
*Although the seeds of the current crop were imported from Italy, hemp originated in North America and still grows wild all over Kentucky.

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