Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Is Terry McAuliffe Light-Years Smarter Than Steve Beshear?

If he follows the lead of his state Attorney General and bows to the inevitable on gay marriage, he is. 

From TPM:

North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper said on Monday that his office would stop defending the state's gay marriage ban in court after an appeals court struck down a similar ban on same sex marriage in Virginia.

"Our attorneys have vigorously defended North Carolina's marriage law, which is their job," Cooper, a Democrat, told reporters. "Today we know our law almost surely will be overturned as well. Simply put, it's time to stop making arguments we will lose, and instead move forward knowing that the ultimate resolution will likely come from the United States Supreme Court."
Meanwhile, Bad Steve is still wasting hundreds of thousands of state tax dollars paying the world's stupidest private lawyers to make the galaxy's stupidest arguments in the Sixth Circuit Court next week.*

Kentucky AG Jack Conway refused to use his office's resources to fight a losing case, so Beshear used tax dollars he doesn't have - the state has a $909 million budget shortfall - to pay some Northern Kentucky shysters to humiliate the Commonwealth by telling an incredulous federal judge "icky gays can't marry because babbies."

McAuliffe may not be able to get Obamacare for his constituents the way Beshear did, but if he drops the gay marriage appeal, unlike Beshear he's not a freakazoid moron.

*If Beshear is trying to throw the case, that maneuver will probably blow up in his face, as the Sixth Circuit panel chosen to hear the appeal is strongly conservative, and will swallow the "icky gays can't marry because babbies" idiocy hook, line and sinker.

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