Thursday, April 3, 2014

Repug Myths Voters Don't Buy

Yes, liberals are definitely way cooler than conservatives, on top of being smarter and sexier. But cool is not why majorities of Americans prefer liberal reality to repug myths.

It has everything to do with Americans absolutely rejecting atrocious, immoral and wrong conservative "ideas". Ideas like:

1) The rich create jobs. They don't.

2) Women should be forced to carry unwanted pregnancies to term. They shouldn't.

3) The working poor are lazy, and can get rich if they just work harder. They can't.

4) The rich got rich because they deserved it. No, most were either lucky or well connected, or got rich on Wall Street by killing real jobs.

5) More guns make people safer. They don't.

6) Education will improve if we privatize it and let creationism be taught in schools. It won't.

7) America will be better off if gay people can't marry or serve in the military. It won't.

8) Climate change isn't real or caused by man or dangerous. It is.

9) Hard-working immigrants and their grandmothers should all be deported. They shouldn't.

10) It's more patriotic to give Blue Cross and Aetna your health insurance money, so their CEO can buy another yacht while denying healthcare to 1/6 of Americans. It isn't.

11) Everyone in the Middle East is the same, and we can just bomb them all into freedom. They aren't, and we can't.

12) If we let corporations do whatever they want, the free market will regulate their behavior. It won't.

It's not that America agrees with conservative ideas, but got Svengalied by "cool."

America despises conservative ideas with open eyes, and votes against them in every big election.

Americans are a lot smarter than frustrated, angry unfunny man Greg Gutfield.

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