Wednesday, April 9, 2014

It's the Repugs' Fault: Pass It On

QOTD, from Steve M:

I just want one prominent Democrat to say that our problem isn't "partisanship," it's Republicans. Or it's conservatism. Blaming "partisanship" reinforces the apparently unkillable conventional-wisdom notion that the two parties are equally responsible for our political system's failure because neither one will compromise.
Say it, Alison. Stand up on national television and say that you're going to Washington D.C. not to "change things," not to "fix what's broken," not to "work in a spirit of bipartisanship," but to hunt down and kill with your bare hands every republican you can find.

Say "Every single thing that has gone wrong in this country for the past 13 years is the direct and 100 percent fault of republicans elected to serve in Congress and appointed to serve in the White House."

Say "Starting with the conversion of the Clinton $2 Trillion Surplus into the Smirky/Darth $6 Trillion Debt and continuing through the deliberate cold-blooded murder of 5,000 of the nation's finest service members and the premeditated destruction of the middle-class economy, republicans have shit on everything that made this country great."

Say "Then, when the nation against all odds elected a man - a black man - with the unique potential to clean up the repugs' mess and rebuild what they destroyed, republicans - led by and in the exact words of my opponent Mitch McConnell - determined to flip the half-dead nation over and rape it again, using every violent weapon they could find to prevent President Barack Obama from creating jobs, establishing health care, preventing the catastrophe of global climate change or lifting a finger to save the nation from its mortal enemy: Republicans."

Say that to the nation, Alison, and I will quit my job, sell everything I own, cash out my retirement, and knock on every single door in the Commonwealth to guarantee your election.

Otherwise, fuck you.

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