Monday, April 14, 2014

The Real Reason Cliven Bundy Isn't In Prison and We're Not All Chowing Down On His Cattle Right Now

From Zandar:

Can you imagine what the reaction of America would be to a black cattle rancher grazing cattle on federal land, without paying the feds, for 20 years? Think about how that would be reported.  Cliven Bundy is considered a patriot and hero for resisting the awful mean ol' federal government, despite breaking the law for two decades plus.  If he was black, the calls from the same exact people now hailing him as a hero would be far, far different.

Furthermore,look who showed up to help Bundy.  What do you think FOX News's reaction of an armed group of black men showing up to defend that cattle rancher from the feds?  You'd be hearing about race wars and all kinds of crazy shit.  Worse, the white militia guys showing up now to defend Bundy would absolutely be on the scene hunting down the black ranchers.

It would be chaos.  And it sure wouldn't have ended peacefully, that's for damn sure.

ABC News calls Bundy a "defiant cattleman".  If he was black, he would be a "militant thug."

And then he'd be dead.
 Steve M. makes similar points about the Kansas City KKK spree murderer here and here.

And Juanita Jean, who has an idea:

I’m a yellow dog Democrat and I believe in a sane immigration policy. Since taking office, the Obama Administration has deported over 2,000,000 people in an aggressive policy.

What if a bunch of Hispanics were to arm themselves and stand at the detention facility demanding the release of people “not following the rules.”  Do you think INS would quietly back down and release them to keep the peace?

I don’t think so.
If they were backed up and protected by a few gun-totin' liberal red-staters I happen to know personally, it might be worth a try.

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