Monday, April 28, 2014

Bluegrass Pipeline Companies Pretend to Quit

UPDATE, April 29, 7:50 a.m.:  Company says "Bluegrass Pipeline is not dead."

While it is true that Wall Street's skepticism has prevented the pipeline companies from getting commitments for the billions of gallons of toxic fracking waste they need to make the proposed pipeline profitable, it's also true that growing and successful grassroots opposition has made the project radioactive in Kentucky right now.

The pipeline companies need to fool the opposition into thinking they've won and dropping efforts to stop the pipeline for good.

Not to mention that the fracking industry lies for a living.

Greg Kocher at the Herald:

Two companies are halting the proposed Bluegrass Pipeline, a project that drew vocal opposition because it would have put a natural gas liquids pipeline through 13 Kentucky counties. 
 Williams Co. and Boardwalk Pipeline Partners announced Monday that they have suspended investment in the project because it has not received the necessary customer commitments to move forward. The companies said they will continue to have discussions with potential customers to determine their needs.
Yeah, sounds like it's time for opponents to double down on their opposition and triple their vigilance. The pipeline motherfuckers will be back, more desperate and determined than ever.

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