Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Rude Pundit on free speech overreactions::

But there's another side of the Rude Pundit that's just kind of sick of the shit that we take. We on the left have allowed what we believe to be degraded and dragged through the mud to the point that simply wanting everyone to have health care is equated with terrorism. Yet when the right makes policy out of utterly repellent ideologies, we're supposed to sit back and fight another day. We had to exist for years with "liberal" being a dirty word.

So this side, which is really hard to resist, says, "Fuck you" to the banshees of the right. Yeah, executives in Silicon Valley and people everywhere should be afraid to espouse certain conservative views. "Cut taxes on the wealthy" is one thing. "Climate change isn't proven science" is something totally different. There are dangerously foolish and explicitly harmful things that, if believed, should turn people into pariahs. You believe God shit out the earth in a day? You don't get to have any goddamn role in making economic policy.

We have indulged the children long enough. We have allowed them to run the house, and they have left it filthy and falling apart. Perhaps it's time to give up on our tolerant attempts at convincing them to behave. Perhaps a little punishment is in order.

Oh, dear. You don't think we should act like our opponents? Then content yourself with losing far more battles than you win.

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