Monday, April 7, 2014

Whom the GOP Never Blames

And still the fuckheads at the VFW and the American Legion bitch about how the Democrats have abandoned them. 

David Atkins at Hullabaloo:

No one would say the VA is perfect. But let's be very clear here.

The VA correctly identified and was treating an individual for depression. Individuals suffering from mental illness are allowed to purchase firearms. An individual explicitly being treated for mental illness by the VA purchased a firearm and went on a murder-suicide rampage.

The GOP reaction to this is to mouth platitudes about guns and mental illness that they intend to do exactly nothing to address, while pivoting to attacks on the VA and employment protections for government workers.

Based on what we know now, nothing about this incident was the fault of the VA. They were treating the individual in question, but no treatment can guarantee against a psychotic episode. Without the ability to purchase a firearm, however, there's no need for a psychotic episode to kill and injure over a dozen people.

But the GOP has no intention of doing anything about the real problem. They do, however, fully intend to dismantle even more protections for government workers in the eventual hope of privatizating the VA. Because they're shameless moral cretins.

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