Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Brett Guthrie, Socialist

None of the eight members of Kentucky Congressional delegation is planning to hold town halls during the August recess. But freshman repug Brett Guthrie, at least, is bopping around the ludicrously spread-out Second District. By dropping in on other's people's meetings, he gets credit for "mingling with his constituents" without exposing himself to organized protests.

Brett Guthrie, R-Bowling Green, plans to mingle with constituents during the August recess by visiting each of his district’s 21 counties.

He has made several recent stops in this area. For instance, he participated in a Fort Knox High School ribbon cutting, a community meeting in Radcliff and he expected to attend Cecilia Days this past weekend. Also, he said he will address health care reform at an Elizabethtown Rotary Club meeting Tuesday.

Interestingly, none of those "stops" are mentioned on his website or in the electronic newsletter he emails to constituents, nor has he responded to emailed requests for a list of his district appearances during August.

Being on the Committee on Education and Labor, which deals with employee benefits, has put Guthrie in the thick of that contentious (health care reform) debate.

Guthrie has voted against a reform proposal in committee. One reason he hasn’t supported reform legislation is the public insurance option.

He said he isn’t dead set against some kind of measure, though.

“I think we need to have reform. The status quo is not acceptable.” Health insurance should be more affordable, he said.

What! Guthrie, you traitor, did you tell the Rotary Club that you're a FUCKING SOCIALIST who supports OBAMA DEATH PANELS ordering all rural old people and christian republican babies BURNED ALIVE?!

No? Then why did you vote for the commie/muslin/nazi/terrist bill in committee? Why do you want to destroy small business? What do you have against our puppy-loving, Santa Claus insurance industry?


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Anonymous said...

I live in Owensboro and Guthrie held a "Roundtable" open to the public just two days ago. The intentional focus was small business but was advertised as also anything pertaining to the federal government. The Chamber sent the notice several times, the newspaper did a press release and it was open to the public. Considering there were comments on small business, regulation and healthcare it's hard to say he didn't have any meetings. He even brought in another Congressman Sam Graves from Missouri for the discusion. When Graves had to leave early, Guthrie stayed on until he made sure all questions were answered. Feel free to check the Messenger Inquirer or other media outlets that covered it.