Saturday, March 7, 2009

Reality-Based Human Being Gets KY Senator on Record About His Hateful Gay-Bashing

Bless Brian Gatewood for persevering and successfully getting vicious wingnut freakazoid retard state senator Gary Tapp on the record about why he insists on taking loving foster and adoptive homes away from thousands of abused and neglected children.

Apparently Senator Tapp is a child care expert. Based upon his high level of expertise and extensive knowledge base, he has filed SB 68. The basic premise of this bill is that children, in Kentucky’s best interest, can only be parented by heterosexual married couples. According to Senate Bill 68, for purposes of relative placements, foster care, or adoption, courts in Kentucky should only be allowed to consider married couples. Anyone living with another adult with whom they engage in a sexual relationship to whom they are not legally married will not be considered if Senator Tapp’s bill passes. Yes, the term “sexual relationship” is included in the proposed law. This bill is essentially a copy of a bill that won approval in Arkansas last year.

For Tapp's actual brain-dead attempts to justify this unconstitutional hate bill, read the whole thing.

And don't miss the comments, including this one from Dave VanderPol:

Wait folks! I just realized: my BOTH of my parents were STRAIGHT…yet I turned out GAY!!! The same is true of most of my GLBT friends!!! So I certainly hope that Sen. Tapp will be CONSISTENT in his efforts to “protect” Kentucky’s children by introducing "SB 69: AN ACT to prevent HETEROsexual couples from adopting and fostering children."

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