Saturday, July 16, 2016

When Hillary Crushes Trump, She Won't Get Any Credit

She could take all 50 states plus D.C. and her place in history will be just one giant asterisk.  From even her supporters, I can hear it now:

"Anybody with a pulse could have beaten Trump."

"She got only 65 percent of the popular vote. That's the highest ever, but she should have gotten 70."

"She piggy-backed on Obama's popularity."

"She only won because Bernie forced her to tack left."

"She only won because people still love Bill and were really voting for him."

"She only won because women went for one of their own."

"She only won because of black voters."

You think the conservatards and the haters and the repugs went all out to de-legitimize first black president?  That'll seem like applause compared to what they'll unleash against the first president without a dick.

Because in twenty-fucking-sixteen, this shit still happens.  

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