Thursday, July 28, 2016

Stop Wooing Repugs, Tim Kaine: You're Wasting Time and Pissing Off Real Democratic Voters

Yep, he's exactly the repug-lite motherfucker we thought he was. 
How anyone with the sense dog gave a goose could have lived through the last 20 years and imagine that there is a repug anywhere who will ever, EVER vote for a Democratic candidate is beyond me.

Not only will no repug vote Democratic, but all those pearl-clutching repugs disowning Donald Traitor are going to fall in line and vote for him come November.

Meanwhile, all the easily-discouraged Democratic voters that Hillary needs to turn out in November are watching Kaine and wondering what the fuck is the point, I've got better things to do than vote for repug-lite candidates with a D next to the name.

Well done, Clinton-Kaine.  Convention's not over and you've already lost the election.

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Tom said...

I disagree. I don't think country club republicans are out of reach. In my view, these people have latched onto the Republican message out of self interest. They happily embrace "government is the problem" because the Republicans can be counted on to - if nothing else - cut his taxes. He doesn't give a damn about the service cuts required to pay for the tax cut. I don't think this part of the Republican party really gives a shit about the issues that whip the base into a frenzy. They vote their pocketbook.

There are Republicans among this group who could easily decide that a Trump presidency will not serve their self interest, their pocketbook.