Sunday, July 3, 2016

Liberal Xians Just As Bad If Not Worse

I think the liberal xians who claim jeebus and their invisible wizard friend in the sky want nothing but peace and love and rainbow ponies are a bigger long-term threat to humanity than all the hate-mongering freakzoids everywhere.
Because all they're doing is confirming the fundamental freakazoid claim that human beings ought to do whatever they think their sky wizard friend is telling them to do.
Conservatard or liberal, it's the concept that's wrong.
This particular news program goes out of its way to get liberal ministers to oppose the hatemongers, but they’re just as bad: rationalizing your behavior as “this is what my god wants me to do” is just as fallacious when it’s supporting humanist views as when it’s supporting murderous views. How about suggesting that we not kill, because they are fellow human beings, or that we should be tolerant, because human beings have diverse views, and behavior that does not harm others ought to be accepted?

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