Monday, July 4, 2016

Real Patriots Pay Taxes

After racism, this is the biggest divide between Americans: we who define patriotism as working to create and strengthen the common good vs those who define patriotism as working to enrich and strengthen selfish individualism.

Crooks and Liars:

Former Clinton Labor Secretary, Robert Reich has teamed up with to celebrate our 240th birthday this Fourth of July. He understands that it's very important to not only love your country, but be aware of the responsibilities of a truly patriotic American.

Reich outlines five basic principles of true patriotism. His definition praises the country that we love, without demonizing the institution of government.
  1. First: It's not simply about waiving the American flag and it's not mostly about securing our borders putting up walls keeping others out. It's about coming together for the common good.
  2. Second: Patriotism 'isn't cheap.' As such, a real American patriot pays his fair share of taxes to fund services, utilities, roadways, social programs, education, healthcare and the most expensive military on the planet. The Presumptive Republican Apricot nominee has yet to reveal his tax returns,and it's widely believed they would divulge some rather 'creative accounting', possibly to the degree that he hardly pays anything back for all the benefits he's received from this nation, the country he claims to love.
  3. Third: Patriotism is about preserving fortifying and protecting our democracy, not intimidating it with big money and buying off politicians.
  4. Trump has bragged about his own history of buying politicians who, as he so delicately pronounced, "kiss my ass."
  5. Fourth: True patriots don't hate the government of the United States, they're proud of their country. They know the government is a tool to help solve our problems together.. They may not like everything it does and they justifiably worry when special interests came too much power but true patriots work to improve our government not destroy it *cough cough, like the GOP* The Conservative SCOTUS justices responsible for Citizens United decision unequivocally prove that the GOP was best served by this blatant selling of Democracy to the highest bidder.
  6. Finally: Patriots don't pander to devisiveness - they don't feel racist or religious or ethnic divisions. They aren't homophobic or sexist or racist. AMEN!

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