Saturday, July 23, 2016

Black Lives Matter Definitely to Blame For This One

She took one extra second closing the car door and for that was brutally assaulted, arrested and jailed.  I'm amazed the motherfucking cop didn't shoot her dead.

Kudos to the police chief for blasting this cop, but unless he changes his hiring and training practices right now, he's full of shit.


Patrol car video shows a white Austin, Texas, police officer violently throwing a black woman to the ground during a traffic stop, followed by another white officer telling her black people have "violent tendencies" and whites are justifiably afraid.

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo condemned both officers' actions. He called the officer's comments on the video "disturbing" and said a criminal investigation has been opened against the officer who arrested Breaion King.

The traffic stop happened in June 2015 but was not made public until the Austin American-Statesman published the video Thursday. Acevedo called a news conference hours later and said both officers have been taken off street patrol and are on desk duty pending new internal investigations, which he said will include both officers' conduct in the year since the incident.
  The video is graphic and rage-inducing.

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